The Lucky Country

In Western Australia we are lucky to have lots of land and not many people. This often gives us the opportunity to go nude in a secluded part of the bush. Just 2 hours drive south of Perth there are many lakes, dams and streams where we can camp and enjoy nature.

Last weekend I had the chance to head down that way but it was a holiday weekend and marron season so mostly was textile weekend. I was fortunate to have a couple of days before the weekend so enjoyed them nude with a couple of friends before the crowds arrived and we had to put on clothes. Maron are fresh water lobster and very tasty. We caught quite a few and generally enjoyed the weekend even with clothes on.

The summer here is usually very hot during the day but can often get cold at night. Well relatively cold, enough to make you put clothes on to keep warm. I like to get out camping as much as possible during summer and we are lucky to have most holiday weekend during summer. Im looking forward to more weekends away and cant wait to retire so I can go camping more often and mid week to avoid the crowds.


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