Thai naturist resorts speed up Covid-19 containment

Naturist resorts in Thailand are trying to help speed up containing Covid-19 infections by asking their guests to report back - anonymously if they prefer - if they have a good reason to believe that they were infected with the corona virus at the time of their visit.

The guest's report goes to the resort, where the guest was a visitor with information of what date and time they were visiting. Depending on the report from the visitor, the resort can take several levels of action while waiting for the visitor to confirm or call off the warning. They may for instance warn other members who were visitors during the same time and some hours later to self isolate and if possible have a test done.

"Although naturism is well-known to be a family inclusive, health and wellness oriented lifestyle, some members still prefer to keep it a private matter, that they are naturists," says Naturist Association Thailand's founder Gregers Moller.

"But for other members it is crucial to know as fast as possible if someone, who visited the resort at the same time as they did, have good reason to believe that they were infected already at the time of the visit. Waiting one day for the test result and another day for contact tracing would mean that we would waste two valuable days in which other guests from that day may self isolate as a precautious and thus break the transmission chain."

naked woman in sauna at barefeet naturist resort in bangkok
The idea behind the initiative is that the sooner a member is warned that they may have been infected, the sooner they can prevent passing the virus on, should it turn out to be true.

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  1. In Australia, when you attend ALL stores, restaurants, cafes, you must sign in either written or by a QRbot connected to a Government app. It records the time, day and date of arrival and if a Covid infection is later detected while you were at the café etc, you are notified and must take a test and isolate. When you check into a hotel, the same applies through the registration process. Doesn’t Thailand have such a system? Probably not, too much mai pen rai, i guess. The idea above in the article is very hit and miss because it relies on the visitor or guest to voluntarily advise.

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