4 percent of Thai beachgoers have been nude at the beach

Sweden is among the top ten countries where most vacationers have been naked or topless on the beach. The majority of the Swedes also say they welcome nudity among other beach goers. Most happy to be nude on the beaches in Sweden are the Austrians while the Japanese are the most unlikely to take off their clothes.The findings are part of the 2014 Flip Flop Report conducted by Expedia.com®, one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites. The study examines the most prevalent joys and anxieties among beachgoers worldwide, including comfort with public nudity.While the Europeans are leading, the Asians are part of the trend. Last year,  10% Indians responded that they had gone nude at the beach, and 15% women said they have gone topless. This year, 4 percent of the Thai beachgoers have been nude at the beach. So have 3 percent of the South Koreans and 2 percent of Japanese.

Source: Swedes welcome beach nudity and toplessness

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Naturist weekend at Thai beach resort

Members of Naturist Association Thailand will on 17-18 October stay at a small beach resort on the beautiful Thai island Koh Samet only a few hours out of Bangkok. Dress code will be clothing optional giving the naturists the option to take sunbath on the beach and swim in the ocean. Signs will inform nature trail hikers that they should not be alarmed if they see naturist people on the beach.


  1. Nudism or naturism is certainly spreading in popularity in Asia. Will it ever reach German proportions – well, in Thailand it very well could because the favorable all year climate.

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