Sex resorts

Naturist resorts are not sex resorts. Naturist resorts in Thailand do not welcome guests engaging in paid sex, swinging, group sex. Any information you may have read, that naturist resorts in Thailand are open to sexual activity among our guests is false.

If we find that you abuse our safe, non-sexual facilities for going on sex raids at sex clubs and other places offering sex we have no problem kicking you out - if need be with the help of the Royal Thai Police.

If you plan to use a naturist resort in Thailand to purchase sex or engage in any form of activity that supports sex tourism or is against public moral, think twice! We don't want you! Our naturist guests don't want you!

Naturists world wide are active partners in the global struggle against sex tourism and commercial sexual exploitation.

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Join as a resort

Developing locations and opportunities for our members to enjoy their naturist lifestyle in Thailand is one of the key services that we offer our members. Contact us today and find out if your business could be recommended.

​Looking for more naturist friendly spas and resorts

Naturist Association Thailand is currently seeking contact with owners of resorts and spas interested in entering the promising new naturist/nudist market within the Thai tourism industry.

“Helping owners of existing resorts and spas tap into the expanding naturist and nudist vacationing market is a service that we are pleased to offer,” says Disraporn Yatprom, Naturist Association of Thailand.

World’s first floating naturist conference

NATCON 2016 – the International Naturist Conference held every year in Thailand – will this year be the first international naturist conference world wide to take place on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake. This years’ conference is the 5th organized by Naturist Association Thailand. The event has drawn naturist to Thailand since 2010.


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