Record number of website visitors

On 6 May 2017, a lot of people visited this website. As is normal, some checked out a few pages, before leaving again. The next day, there was a further increase and on 8 May, we saw a record number of 60.000 people visit our page (the blue line) and out of these many people, 4.862 people also read a few more pages (the yellow line).

To our surprise, it did not stop there. The day after, on Tuesday 9 May, the visits climbed to 105.569 people and the visitors to an unbelievable 7.999 people before the interest finally flattened out on Wednesday 10. May and returned to normal.

The interest was sparked by a social media campaign to discredit one of our long time members, Non Kumpangseat and his family based on the photos found on his page and with material added from searching family members of him and his wife. Most people in the campaign joined the chorus that expressed dislike with the images and the message about naturism, that they carried. Some expressed their support.

It must be said to the credit of the people, that many of them made the extra effort to check out what naturism is by visiting this website. Obviously, most of the pages visited were our Thai language posts and pages like this one about what Thai naturism stands for.  In the process, we also saw a high number of new members signing up for membership. It created some extra hours of background checking, but most of the sign-ups were actually genuinely interested in the naturist way of life.

On the evening of Monday 8 May, Amarin TV, a Thai cable TV station, invited Non along with Gregers Moller and Disraporn Yatprom to join a live, half hour long grilling about naturism with the main intention to try to make us look like naturism is all about sex. Also True TV produced an interview with Non thereby contributing to the attention.

The Amarin TV program - in Thai language only - can be viewed on Youtube here: