Popular Thai magazine shares experience from one month in French nude village

Koo Sang Koo Som shared in its 1-10 May 2016 issue the experience of Rangsan Tronglamyong, a regular columnist writing about traditional Thai dress, from his one month stay in a nude village in France. Koos Sang Koo Som gave the scoop two pages in full colour and two pages in black and white and announced the feature on the cover with the headline: "Koo Sang Koo Som writer lives naked one months in nude villa, goes to the bank nude, plays basketball nude".


Koo Sang Koo Som is a general interest magazine published for over 30 years with a circulation of 250.000 copies.  It is famous for always having a couple on the cover and always dealing with subjects of interest to Thai couples, young and old. This issue has 100 pages and the cover highlights only 3 other stories inside.


Rangsan's regular column "Rangsan Thai Dress" was in this issue replaced with his feature from the nude village experience. The headline says: "Nude village in France" and the sub-headline "Experience from living there 1 month". The column starts:

"Dear Reader,
I have been visiting a nude village in France.
Everybody were nude.
I will tell you - unlike with pictures from my regular Rangsan Thai Dress column - because everyone were completely undressed. Nothing is all you wear.
The feeling is wonderful. We go on with our daily lives, bicycle, go shopping, etc. only without clothes. We greet each other "Bonjour!" with a happy expression. The wind blows on your body, we are naked just like everybody else in the nude village."


Rangsan explains well about the non-sexual concept of naturism and the pleasure it was to be nude. His final words are:

"Please come and be naked."

The feature explains, that you must have an INF membership card to stay at this and other similar villages. But it is important to tell that Thai people do not need to apply for an INF passport in France. Premium Membership of Naturist Association Thailand gives members an INF passport, that they can use in France as it is a global card.


  1. André krafft

    Thanks for this attractive article about french naturiste clubs; in total there are over 100 naturists resorts, some are associations open to visitor during summer, others are commercial places. From small family camps with a few members to big resort with thouzend of visitors like Cap d’Agde.
    There are also thens of naturiste beaches from north to south.
    Every year nearly 2 million foreign naturists visit France
    You are Welcome