The launch of [email protected] – a new naturist magazine for members

Naturist Association Thailand launches Bare@ll - a new naturist magazine for members

Naturist Association Thailand's launched on 14 July 2016 "[email protected]" - a new magazine for its naturist members. The first issue is a 48-pages, full colour magazine which will be sent by postal mail to all Premium Members as a paper magazine as well as by email. Ordinary members will receive the magazine via email as an eMagazine. All members can read the magazine on the website if they are logged in.

The [email protected] magazine is created and edited by Disraporn Yatprom, a founding member of Naturist Association Thailand. The articles are written in Thai and English with mostly artistic images provided by members of the association.

Finished magThe magazine is published in dual language - from one cover and to the middle, it is in English. Flip it around and then it is in Thai language from the cover and to the middle. Many of the articles are educational regarding what naturism stands for, which is something that has previously been difficult to find in Thai language. Other articles focus on the latest major event, the 5th NATCON - Thailand's annual international naturist conference - which this year took place on a series of floating rafts moored up in the natural surroundings of one of Thailand's large electricity generating dams.

The magazine will appear 4 times per year. Next issue will deal more with how to practice naturism in a world where we are all only part time naturists. Members are encouraged to write and share their personal experience about how they overcame the obstacle of telling friends and family that they are naturists. All accepted contributions - regardless if it will be published in the magazine - will be awarded a one year free upgrade to Premium Member.

It is the second time, Naturist Association Thailand has created a member magazine. In 2012, Bruce Kendall, chief organizer of NAT events and activities, published "NAT" - a magazine which is still outstanding in its content and use of images. This magazine is also available for viewing on

Naturist Association Thailand is the national organisation for naturism and nudism in Thailand . Established in 2007, Naturist Association Thailand is supported by over 3000 members. One third of our members are Thais citizens.

Naturist Association Thailand is a licensed tour operator and offers tours and activities within our niche to domestic as well as incoming tourists. We promote existing naturist resorts and assist new prospective naturist resorts and spas how to enter this attractive new market in Thailand.

We communicate our common values of healthy, non-sexual leisure activities towards the authorities, other tourism and business associations and the Thai public in general to the benefit of both our individual naturist members and our current and future naturist resort members.

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​Naturist Association Thailand launches paid membership

Naturist Association Thailand recently launched a new website that offers the members a range of private interaction tools like direct messaging and discussion groups. Basic membership remains free, but if members want to take advantage of the interaction tools on the website or participate in events arranged by the NAT, they have to upgrade to a paid membership with a modest annual fee.

World’s first floating naturist conference

NATCON 2016 – the International Naturist Conference held every year in Thailand – will this year be the first international naturist conference world wide to take place on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake. This years’ conference is the 5th organized by Naturist Association Thailand. The event has drawn naturist to Thailand since 2010.

Naturist Association Thailand now accredited by INF-FNI

Naturist Association Thailand (NAT) became on 1 September 2015 a member of the International Naturist Federation (INF). The accreditation means that NAT is now officially the national organisation representing naturism as defined by INF-FNI in the Kingdom of Thailand. Only three countries in Asia have accredited naturist organisation – the other two being Taiwan and Israel.


  1. Good work there.
    This my 4th time going thru NAT’s e-magazine , just noted that the Thai language version contains slightly different images/photos.
    Thank you to all who made this e-magazine possible.

  2. […] At the time I started reading porn magazines, the popular ones at that time were NualNang, Playboy, Penthouse, Perd Borisuth, and some Japanese magazines. I read all types of those magazines but what I like most is the outdoor style which had shapely female models posting in natures e.g. mountains, beaches, waterfalls, rivers. It was totally match my need and inspired me to take outdoor pictures of myself. But at that time, there were only film cameras and the timer shutter was not an offered function. Even if I had someone to take pictures for me, still I needed to develop the photo at the film shop. With these obstacles, my dream of photo modelling myself outdoor was only a dream at that time.. To be continued in next issue of [email protected] […]

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