Please change the laws on lewd conduct and indecent exposure

Every human being on this planet was born nude and so every second of every day ever since we exist as a nude person. We may choose to wear clothing, but underneath those clothes we still exist as that nude person we have always been ever since the day we were born. That person came into existence from the moment we exited the womb and will not cease to exist as a vibrant, living NUDE being until the very last breath exits our lungs and the last bit of energy vacates our brain cells. Until then we ARE that same nude being that slid so gloriously from between our mother’s legs (unless you were born C-section, but still…), and if we walk outside of our homes and go out into the cities and towns where we live as our natural state of being we are simply BEING who we were BORN to BE.

Nothing else.
There is no criminal intent.
There is no lewd conduct.
There is no indecent exposure.
Can a tree be indecent because its bark and leaves are bare and open for all to see?
Can a dolphin, as it leaps up from the ocean be enacting lewd conduct as it spins about, attempting to thrill the audience applauding its actions?

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