Oriental Beach Village Phuket – first naturist resort directly on the beach

Naturist Association Thailand is proud to present to you the latest naturist resort in Thailand, this is the ultimate Thai naturist destination - the only one directly located on the tropical beach! Tropical forests surrounds the resort and the turquoise waters reflect at sunset.

Oriental Beach Village Phuket is a small, friendly complex of villas and apartments in a quiet area, by the sea. If you are looking for a secluded vacation without the hustle and bustle of the big resorts on the deserted beach, the birds singing in the morning and enchanting sunsets – you should come here.

Booking page: https://orientalbeachvillage-phuket.com/booking/

With its wide and natural beach where the only access goes through the resort, Oriental Beach Village Phuket is one of the most intimate Thai naturist hotels in a place of rare beauty.

Where is it?

Ko Kho Khao is an island, located 90 km from Phuket; 60 km to Khao Sok National Park; Khao Lak is 20 km away. The pier is located in Baan Naam Khem, not far from the Tsunami Memorial Monument.

Contact page: https://orientalbeachvillage-phuket.com/contact/

At the foot of quiet intime beach and in between forest of the gorgeous Ko Kho Khao area, The Oriental Beach Village Phuket is the perfect destination for travelers searching for peace and quietness in an authentic Thai style.

Oriental Beach Villa Phuket is a full service resort where you can enjoy every moment. Friendly Activities inside your Naturist Resort and also Outdoor activities. Examples are ping pong, petanque, badminton, fitness or just enjoy life in the cool shade of the trees or under a beach umbrella.

The accommodation ranges from a Villa with 2 bedrooms, a Suite for 2 and a Suite for 3 and shared villa accommodation. All accommodations enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and a panoramic view of the subtropical forest and the hotel’s quaint beach, very quiet. Enjoy a relaxing resort atmosphere and great views. There is also a full kitchen, dining area, living room.

Oriental Beach Village
81, Ko Kho Khao, Takua Pa District, Phang-nga 82190
+66 (0)80 713 7217

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This vacation package starts with three nights in Phuket at the resort of your choice, either Peace Blue Naturist Resort or Harmony Naturist Resort, followed by three nights in Barefeet Heaven Hill in Trang and ending up with three nights in Oriental Beach Village in Phang-Nga. But the sequence can be changed and you can add one more night at any of the destinations. There is no fixed price as we tailor each package to you needs. You simply fill out the form and we will arrange your vacation according to your wishes.


    1. Hi Sherif, I have been basking in your congratulations as if it is my achievement. Now, it is time that I send the praise over to Paulo at Oriental Village, whose efforts it really is, that has borne fruit.

      But let me ad, that everyone of us help NAT move forward in every little way every day. When you recommend NAT to someone that you believe would enjoy our lifestyle, then you help us all move forward. When you welcome a new member, then you help making NAT a happier place to be a member. And every marketing effort that the existing resorts push out help pull us all forward in big steps. Now this new resort is a big big big step forward for all of us. It will consolidate Thailand’s place on the World Naturist map and bring us all more visitors from around the world and more members for NAT.

      This we can really congratulate ourselves for!

      1. Paulo’s efforts are undeniable and most appreciated! A valuable addition as you have well put it..

        Congratulations @paulo for the new beautiful resort, too bad the announcement came just weeks after completing all of our bookings for may/June trip but we will try to make it for a day visit while we are in Phuket.

        Fully agree @gregers on the way forward as one team.
        It is quite challenging task but I could get the attention of many friends, which give the impression that most are almost ready for the experience..with little encouragement they will pass this mental block that stops them from enjoying one of the most wonderful thing to do..to be nude under the sun, or perhaps a skinny dip in the ocean at the new Oriental.

        Our love and regards,
        Sherif & Ging

  1. That sounds like amazing places, could you provide more information that such as how to get there, what are sights around there, etc.

  2. I join the Ray`s question – how can it posiple to get to the resort by public transport? And I have one anouther – if I understand correctly, the beach is common there. So if we look at google maps, there is a hotel and villas right next to the resort. I understand correctly that there is an option to intersect with textiles?

  3. It is not yet on Google Maps . What are the GPS coordinates?

    How long is the boat ride to get there from the mainland?

    What is the URL for the resort’s website? What are the room rates?

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