Nude sunbath and sauna against Covid-19

Dare I say it? That sun bath and sauna helps keep you safe from flu attacks?

This is really not a new claim. It is as old as naturism itself. It also makes good sense when we consider what we know about the current flu attack known as Covid-19.

Sunbath takes place in the sun. The virus does not survive long when exposed to sunlight.

When naked, there is no clothes on your body. The virus lives longer on clothes than on human skin.

Sunlight makes the body produce Vitamin D. To boost your immune system you need Vitamin D.

In Europe and the US, the season for flu starts in October and ends typically with the warmer summertime. The sun and the warmer weather is typically credited with this effect. So why should more sun exposure and more heat not be more beneficial? Well, guess what, it is! Read article here.

All this makes good common sense, but I must admit that nobody has studied scientifically if being naked outdoor will actually keep you safe or safer from catching the flu. But I can safely add, that my proposal comes with an added value - it is pleasant to be nude in the sun! If people ask you, why you like to be nude, you can now say "Oh, it is because it boosts my immune system and helps me against catching the virus!" While the truth is that you do it for the pleasure. Nobody would be a naturist or a nudist if it wasn't pleasant. Now you can combine both having a nice legitimate excuse and feeling good  loafing about naked in the sun every day.

About hundred years ago, when the so-called Spanish flu swept across the planet, American doctors found, that putting the patients outside in the sun seemed to have a good effect on their recovery from the flu. Put simply, medics found that severely ill flu patients nursed outdoors recovered better than those treated indoors. A combination of fresh air and sunlight seemed to have prevented deaths among patients; and infections among medical staff as well. See article here.

Convinced? Then here comes the next question: Where can you enjoy naked sunbath in Thailand? Of course at the great naturist resorts we have. And... since many overseas naturists have had to cancel, you can easily keep the safe distance recommended between you and the other guests.

Needless to say, I have personally been taking a good nap in the sun at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok and in the evening spent half an hour in the sauna every day since the virus became something to worry about.

Recently, we have decided that all day visitors to Barefeet Naturist Resort - apart from taking a shower after coming out of their clothes - must also spend at least 2 times 10 minutes in the sauna. At 75 degrees Celsius, there will not be a virus left alive and should there be, then the ultraviolet rays of the sun will give it the final push.

There are many people who swear that every time they feel a flu is coming, they stop it by going to the sauna a day or two. Some scientific studies have also been conducted to support the claim. But their findings are disputed excellently in this paper (See article here.) which examines the actual research done by 20 different scientists on the subject. It concludes what can be said with certainty:

  • The research on sauna use thus far is preliminary; the studies are small, do not have control or placebo groups, or do not compare sauna use to other treatments.
  • The research does show some interesting effects, but there has not yet been a strong study showing substantial benefit.
  • Manufacturers, bloggers, and popular media exaggerate the magnitude and importance of the results of these small studies and suggest sauna use is more beneficial than it actually has been shown to be.
  • Sauna use is probably safe, as long as you stay well hydrated, and may have some benefits. However, you should not expect any real changes."

However, the author forgot the last bullet point ... just like with the nude sunlight exposure ... that even if it may not help, at least it is enjoyable.

See you!

naked woman in sauna at barefeet naturist resort in bangkok

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  1. Agree with the fact that sun bathing improves human immunity.. An ancient Indian tradition which is still being followed today is that infants will be exposed in naked to sun every morning for about 20 minutes or so to boost their immunity.. Happy naturism!!