Nick & Lins guests in Naked Chat & Games on Saturday 25 April 19.00

Naturist Association Thailand will have Nick and Lins - the famous duo behind - as our guests during the Naked Chat & Games session on Saturday 25 April 2020.

Among naturists, Nick and Lins hardly needs an introduction, but they are this a bit crazy couple in the mid to late thirties who have managed to make a living out of going full time naturist traveling around the world in search for the best places to get naked and share what they learn about naturism and nudism on the way.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

The couple is currently in Mexico where they are in the nicest lockdown a naturist could ever dream of: the beach of Tripolite.

Nick and Lins come from a small town in Belgium, where naturism was something that didn’t really exist something nobody talked about. One day they accidentally stumbled into social nudity and found out about this wonderful naked lifestyle.

You will hear them tell about this and much more if you join our event here:

Nick and Lins are normally not early risers, but we persuaded them to join us at 19.00 Thai time - which is 7 AM in Mexico!
Expect to see them having their breakfast wake-up-coffee while we chat!

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