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A collection of naturist information that will help women and men understand Naturism and how it effects females.

Are you a woman or you do you have a wife or girl friend that is uncertain about the benefits of naturism? The information on this page and the links are for you to share with them.

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First Time Nudist Experience

Naturism For spouses

"What if my friends find out?"

A lot of first-timers are afraid their friends, children, or relatives will find out. And God-forbid someone at work learns the truth! Of course, how would they know unless they were there? (In which case, you know their secret also!) Respecting another nudist’s privacy is important. Never ask prying questions (like, “Where do you work?”) or for a phone number or address. If the other person is interested, they will tell you on their own. If someone outside the nudist world confronts you, remember as an adult you have the right to choose any lifestyle you want. Treat the discovery as a great opportunity for a discussion about what nudism is all about (and what it isn’t.)

– Nancy


Another woman finds nudism, but what about you?

“Less than a fortnight ago, a friend told me that he was a naturist.  I thought that it was a little weird and uncool and that it was only full of old men because they liked looking at young naked women.  I finally took the step of attending a nearby naturist swim session with a group of student friends.  Within two weeks I have become a total convert to the idea that it’s okay to take your clothes off in public and feel good about it.”


"What DOES NOT work."

If you want your wife or girl friend to understand and maybe accept naturism, discuss it with them, show them websites where women have stated what they learned about naturism (like the links on this page). Practice it at home, after showering don’t get dressed, stay nude. Watch TV or read a book or help do the dishes. Complement them on their body and how they beautiful they look nude. When nude together make sure it is not always about sex.It doesn’t work if you surprise them with it. We know a man who booked himself and his wife into a naturist resort as a surprise for her birthday. Can you imagine what she thought?  She didn’t even stay the night and left him there.

Perhaps some men are not accustomed to discussing things with their wives and think they will just do whatever is expected of them in a situation like naturism. Guys it won’t work, she will rebel, reject and will probably never try it. It takes time.

What's gender balance have to do with naturism?

Nude recreation to me is just another form of recreation like bowling, golf, sunbathing, etc.  If by chance there were mostly men bowling one day for instance, no one would think "oh no, we need gender balance!" to make bowling work.I get naked for me, not for the women or anyone else.  Keep sex in the bedroom and let's all enjoy nude recreation no matter who wants to show up.  The true naturist women wouldn't even think twice about it because like any other activity where there is no sex, it doesn't matter. And if you say women get nervous around a bunch of men, I don't believe it, not if the men behave.  If someone doesn't behave, kick 'em out, just like anywhere else, and there will be no problems.  Most people get over any sex hang-ups at nude events during the first day, why can't certain resort owners get over it after 30 years of preaching about how sex has nothing to do with naturism yet will not let single men participate.  Let naturism grow! Let everyone who wants in, in.  In the long run there will be many more people involved and eventually a natural balance!...

Article by Mike Taylor

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