NATCON postponed to October or November

The Royal Thai Government has announced restrictions on movements and gatherings that makes it impossible for us to go ahead with NATCON as planned on 1- 3 May 2020.

We are forced to postpone NATCON to later this year.

All participants, who had signed up and paid up have received individual emails.

Planning ahead, which long weekend would you prefer the NATCON to be held - later in the year?

  • Friday 23rd October (Thai holiday) - Sunday 25 October?
  • One of the weekends in November?

Please respond in the comment box. It will not be made public unless you request your reply to be published.


On 10 March 2020 we published this update:
Naturist Association Thailand is awaiting the promised announcement on Thursday 26 March of what restrictions Thailand will enforce on its citizens and businesses and for what period of time. These restrictions may ore may not make it possible to carry out NATCON as planned. If these restrictions are not conclusive, the last minute for members and Naturist Association Thailand to cancel the event is still on 10 April, which is linked to the contract with the location.


On 10 March 2020 we published this update:

  • NATCON is going on as planned 1 - 3 May 2020

  • So far, 99 members have signed up

  • We have adjusted our cancellation policy

Naturist Association Thailand is committed to make NATCON a great event again this year. First of all we are committed to all 99 members, who have signed up so far and bought air tickets and made other travel arrangements. But we are also committed to the venue, where we will meet for those three memorable days in May.

We are also committed to keep living and enjoying our lifestyle during this pandemic.

We have, however, decided to adjust our cancellation policy for this event as much as we can afford to help the members, who decide or are forced to not come..

  1. Cancellations before 10 April = 80% refund
  2. Cancellations after 10 April = 0% refund
  3. No registration after 10 April

The last point is because we cannot sit around and wait for the last 50 members to make up their mind. If you plan to join, sign up. 

According to Thailand's Tourism Business and Guide Act of 2008, if tourists cancel tour packages with tour operators 30 days before the travel date, a full refund is applicable after deductions for related services.

For any cancellations made within 15-29 days before the trip, consumers should be refunded 50% of payments.

If customers cancel the booking within two weeks of the trip, they cannot get a refund.

is known at the time of writing is, that slow spread is all it takes for the healthcare system to be able to cope with this pandemic. We can all help slow spreading the virus by hand washing again and again, not touching our face when we come back from social contact before we have washed our hands again, etc.

Avoiding crowds is clearly on the list of the many good measures you can take to slow down the spread, but only you can decide which crowds you are not willing to risk joining.

I am going to NATCON - but if you are not, everybody will understand!

Well, now I am not going anyway. Stay safe!

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    1. Could one of you who have previously applied for visa to Thailand explain the procedure for the rest of us? Can it be done online? Links, please..

  1. I am not sure in case of visa to substitute VOA, but in our case we need to apply directly at the embassy after filling and application that’s downloded from embassy website.
    I don’t think it’s different for most countries, but the websites are very informative and pretty much straight forward.

  2. In the absence of VOA , one can apply thru the local embassy or consulate . The documentation required is also displayed on the local website . One can also go thru established travel agents who would liase with the embassy / consulate and get the visa .

    1. Gregers,

      Is this form a requirement from the Thai health officials on arrival in Thailand. Australia has just made it mandatory that people arriving in the country go into self exile for fourteen days. This may change my travel plans in May also.

      1. It is published on the website of the ministry of public health as the template form .. but the way they flip flip on everything they publish I would not be surprised to see another form tomorrow. But no, I think you can go with this.

      2. I understand, Steve, but a lot can happen in six weeks … it is three self quarantine periods and nobody knows if these self quarantines will make a difference at this point. They may be scrapped before you are going home from NATCON.

  3. Didn’t wanted to miss this event but looking at the situation I am not sure. I will still wait till April 1st week to take a decision.
    Once this Corona thing is over please schedule another big event like NATCON this year towards October or December so that whoever misses NATCON will be able to attend that.

    1. I honestly think this a good approach. Everything considered. Why The cancellation refund is 80 % up until 10 april. If anything, at least wait until then. And what if half the people cancel? Well, NATCON will still go on. Because of the fifty who did not cancel. And I tell you, we will have a good time!

  4. Right now, we know that we are all voluntarily or forcibly practicing social distancing. We don’t know if this will be needed throughout April as well – and in May? With or without our approval, we are currently all helping to “flatten the curve”. Of course, nobody in their right mind would sign up for NATCON during these weeks. The members who have currently signed up will over the next couple of weeks most likely one by one make their personal decision to cancel. On the 10 April we will discuss with the remaining sign-ups if we are legally allowed to go ahead and if so under what conditions.

  5. We have been looking forward to this event for a long time. We have booked air tickets and resort rooms since January. But now we are really worried about the possibility of joining natcon or not. My country is now closed completely with incoming flights, and departure flights have begun to stop. I will try to wait for more information until April 10, but chances are high that we won’t be able to get to Thailand. It would be great if you could reschedule the Natcon event later.

  6. I hope to come to Thailand in December end. as Christmas vacation. we can get leave. before this we will not be able to get as we are now on leave for weeks.
    So most may have this problem. If all agree how about having the function in December end.
    * Now thai govt: needs expensive insurance to visit Thailand.

  7. October or November seems fine, I wish to join it if it will be held at completely different location like Phuket with easy access to beach, that would be fun