Best NATCON 2020 weekend?

URGENT: NATCON postponed

The Royal Thai Government has announced restrictions on movements and gatherings that makes it impossible for us to go ahead with NATCON as planned on 1- 3 May 2020.
We are forced to postpone NATCON to later this year.

All participants, who had signed up and paid up have received individual emails.

Planning ahead, which long weekend would you prefer the NATCON to be held - later in the year?

  • Friday 23rd October (Thai holiday) - Sunday 25 October?
  • One of the weekends in November?

Please respond in the comment box. It will not be made public unless you request your reply to be published.

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NATCON 2020 - which weekends will you be able to join? Fill the questionare and see what other members think. You can even add your own suggestion - and others will be able to see it!

Thank you for all the input!

...THE WINNER IS Friday 1.- Saturday 2.- Sunday 3. MAY 2020

Check the calendar for NATCON details. We will announce it there when available.


    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Sorry, Benz, but the resort we stayed at this year was really very, very nice and private. Even for over 120 people. So we will go back there. Question is only … when?

  1. Gregers Moller Post author

    Here is a midway-reflection:
    Most have voted for 1-2-3 May. It is a good weekend, because Thai people will be able to join and even stay one more day, since the 4th May is also a holiday – Coronation Day. It is also good as e.g. in India you do not have to take a single day off from work to attend – since 1st May is a holiday. There are 2 drawbacks: First is, that muslim naturists will be in the middle of Ramadan and it will be difficult for practising muslims to attend if we select this weekend. Secondly, as May is a public holiday in the whole region, airfares are going to be expensive unless you buy well in advance.

    So the second most popular vote is 5 – 6 – 7 June. Good for the Thais, if they take personal two days off on 4th and 5th June. Then they have public holiday on Wednesday 3rd of June, Queen Suthida’s birthday, Could make a loooong nude weekend. Good also for muslims, since Ramadan ends on 23rd May. Airfares may also be normal, since no regional public holidays will push the ticket cost up.

    Let’s wait a week or two for more votes.

  2. Weera

    We ( I and my wife) could not come to functions as it is very difficult to get leaves from the government. We are given leaves in December, August and middle of April. So we can come after we get pension.