Most Thai naturist resorts remain open and bookable … at this stage during the Covid-19 battle

Naturist resorts in Thailand are not exempted from the general restrictions imposed on hotel businesses in Thailand. But the restrictions vary from province to province.

Thailand has temporarily implemented strict regulations as to who can visit the country and what documentation it takes. If someone should be able to slip through, they would most likely face a 14 days quarantine upon their return to the country of origin.

This is the most painful for the Thai naturist resorts. Direct orders to close the resort completely has so far only been issued in Chiang Mai for Oriental Village Chiang Mai.

Here is a list from the resorts of the current situation. The list will be completed as we hear from all the resorts.

Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok is open and fully bookable for guests. But since the Bangkok Metropolotan Administration has ordered all restaurants and spa's to close until 12 April the resorts is not open for day visitors until then. Hotels are specifically allowed to continue to let guests use the restaurant, sit in the garden, swim in the pool and use the sauna. So to make up for the lack in foreign customers and the missing day visitors, Barefeet has lowered the room rates to 1000 THB for a single room and 1500 THB for a double room.

Barefeet Heaven Hill Naturist Resort in Trang is open and fully bookable. The resort is currently under no restrictions at this time. But since the international travel restrictions makes it impossible for overseas guests to come to Thailand, the resort has decided to lower the price to be more attractive to Thai naturists. The rooms are now sold at 1000 THB for a single room and 1500 THB for a double room.

Harmony Resort Rawai in Phuket is open and bookable. But the restrictions imposed on Phuket makes it not possible to accept day visitors. Harmony Resort has reduced the room rates to 1500 per night including breakfast with immediate effect.

Oriental Beach Village in Phang Nga is open and fully bookable. The resort reports a few guests are there. The Suit rooms are offered at 2000 THB.

Oriental Village in Chiang Mai is until 31 March closed and not bookable. After that it is possible to book.
Update (25.03.2020): Open and bookable, but spa and pool must remain closed.

Phuan Naturist Village in Sattahip is open and bookable but next guest booking is on 7 April. They are a couple coming from England and they are up to date nn the travel restrictions but still plan to come.
Bruce Kendall: "We only have one staff that lives on-site other than Jai and myself. Our staff goes home every night to their families and I am worried who they might catch it from at home and then bring it back to Phuan.  The absolute safest thing to do would be to send them home for 2-3 weeks, but I know this would wreak havoc on their lives and income."


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  1. Dear Alan,
    Your remark”In Thailand it appears, jobs mean more than lives” is a bit too easy. Let me say out loud what many people are too shy to say: The overwhelming majority of us will survive this virus. In my opinion there should be limits to what economic setback we force this majority to suffer to save lives “at any cost”.

    The article was published on 24 March. All our naturist resorts in Thailand are currently closed down and struggling to survive. I am glad to know that this pleases at least one of our members.
    That was also a remark “a bit too easy” right?”

  2. Dear Alan,
    We don’t delete articles. News sites don’t do that because of the heavy SEO penalties for doing this.
    We know of course the rest of the world is in lockdown and we are just hoping the lockdown will end soon so we can make up for the losses. Thailand’s financial packages is a dream that will not happen to us small fish.

    There was nothing irresponsible in taking guests in at the resorts. This was normal in the vast majority of the country.

    I don’t know where you want to take this discussion. Do you believe that the virus will go away and be eradicated if we continue in lockdown?

    1. At the time the article was published the authorities had not closed hotels, so I do not see that the original posting was irresponsible. The resorts have been responsible and complied with all that has been required by the local authorities.

  3. Here all hotels and bars are shut and only food shops and pharmacies are open. You will get stopped by a check point if you try to travel between provinces. When you go shopping you are likely to be stopped at a check point and have your temperature taken. If you go into a store they are required to ensure you are wearing a mask and they will take your temperature. Restaurants can only do off site sales and they have banned the sale of all alcohol. There is a curfew every evening. Alan, you are possibly not up to date with the situation here.
    With these restrictions the Thai government have managed to get the daily number of new cases down below 30. This means that they are able to continue with an effective track/trace/quarantine approach which is the proven way to box in the virus and continually reduce the rate of transmission. This virus does have the unfortunate quality of not exhibiting symptoms in people for a number of days so we should not be complacent and should all comply with the requirement for social distancing.
    That said the situation is much more under control here than some other parts of the world which leaves optimism that at an appropriate point the restrictions can be relaxed (albeit in a way that avoids the risk of a second wave).