Four steps to your naked vacation in Thailand – without quarantine

Your roadmap to a naked vacation in Thailand without any quarantine is now ready, following the Thai government's approval of a detailed proposal announced on 31 March 2021.

Tomorrow, on 1 April 2021, starts the first phase. The quarantine for Phuket (Peace Blue Naturist Resort and Harmony Naturist Resort), Krabi, Phang Nga (Oriental Beach Village), Chiang Mai and Pattaya (Chan Resort) in Chonburi Province are cut to only 7 days for visitors who have a proper certificate of vaccination.

The second phase from 1 July 2021 onwards covers Phuket only, where fully vaccinated tourists are not required to quarantine at all. But for the other pilot areas, the 7 days quarantine will be maintained.

The third phase starts from 1 October 2021 and onwards. Vaccinated tourists do not need to quarantine at all in all the pilot areas. This was already the case for Phuket, but will now be expanded to cover also Krabi, Phang Nga, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

The final phase starts from 1 January 2022 onwards. Foreign tourists traveling to Thailand do not need to be confined in quarantine at all regardless of where they plan to go provided they have a recognized certificate of vaccination from their country of origin.

Naturists only

In other words, naturists who wish to book a naked vacation in Thailand must first of all get that vaccination certificate. After that, your options are:

1. April 2021:
You can visit Peace Blue Naturist Resort and Harmony Naturist Resort, Oriental Beach Village, and Chan Resort provided you accept to spend 7 days in hotel quarantine. Maybe, after a certain number of days, you will be able to move from these resorts to stay also at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok

1 July 2021:
You can visit Peace Blue Naturist Resort and Harmony Naturist Resort in Phuket as your first destination without quarantine at all. If and how after some days it will be possible to move outside Phuket will be established later.
The 7 days hotel quarantine remains in place for Oriental Beach Village and Chan Resort.

1 October 2021:
You can visit all the five naturist resorts - Peace Blue Naturist Resort, Harmony Naturist Resort, Oriental Beach Village and Chan Resort - without quarantine at all.
If and how after some days it will be possible to move to stay also at Barefeet Naturist Resort outside the pilot areas remain to be seen.

1 January 2022:
You don't need to go through quarantine anywhere, so Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok can now be your first destination and from there you can at any time freely move onwards to Peace Blue Naturist Resort and Harmony Naturist Resort, Oriental Beach Village and Chan Resort.

The plan was announced on 31 March 2021 by Anucha Buropchaisri, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, as an economic recovery plan for the Thai tourism sector.

Before you book, maybe you should check your rules for returning to your home country from a vacation in Thailand.

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    1. Hello Patrick, We are moving out finally during first week of May and will not return. The owner will not reopen as a naturist resort – possibly as a meditation retreat, though. So we lost another resort there.

      1. It is sad to see that the number of naturist hotels is decreasing in Thailand, I guess this is yet another negative effect of the pandemic. However I would have liked to visit the south of Thailand and Tran would have been a perfect destination. Hopefully other hotels in the south will open to naturism

      2. This is very sad. The pandemic has changed a lot in the world over the course of one year. Hopefully all of us will emerge stronger from all of this . The least we all naturists can do is to compensate for the lost time and spend more time at naturist resorts when travel opens up . The only way to support businesses is to be a strong and loyal customer .

      3. Very sad to hear this Greg..!! Especially when i havent even visited this place, had a great excitement but hope once the pandemic is over, we get more new resorts coming in. Lets hope for the best to happen soon..!!

  1. Hi Kal, yes, now you only have to check if India will allow you back into the country without quarantine after a vacation in Thailand ? How are the rules today?

      1. So from 1 July, you don’t need to quarantine here, (if you go for Phuket), but will have to isolate yourself for seven day upon return. Big improvement.

  2. A welcome step to open up slowly instead of opening the floodgates all at once . Vaccinations have also started in most countries and I myself have got my first dose of the vaccine . Having said that countries have to give reciprocal permissions to airlines to fully open up commercial flights . What operates today is only under the air bubble arrangements and I don’t think they entertain tourist visas for now . Also most people would wait for the 7 day quarantine rule to be lifted before planning any travel since most vacations run on a very tight time and budget schedule . The big segment of weekend tourists ( read naturists )will obviously want all restrictions to be removed before travelling . But the news is a welcome step to revive the tourism industry .

  3. At last things are heading in the right direction. All I need now is the Australian Government relaxing the rules on return travelers so as not having to do 14 days quarantine.

    1. I am happy to see that it is now the OTHER governments (and not the Thai) that is standing in the way for resumed traveling. Does your government have a plan?

      1. The Australian Government is not standing in the way of resumed travelling, rather they are being very cautious to ensure the country continues to remain near virus free. The only cases of COVID in Australia are those who have returned from overseas and in quarantine. The Thai government should also act with caution. Not just to appease big business interests especially retail and hospitality.

        1. Good point, Allan. I guess that is also the reason why the Australian government does not permit Australians to leave Australia except on the very special condition because they don’t want the returnees to bring the covid back with them.

    1. If you go to the five pilot provinces, first you stay quarantine 7 days, then you can come out. We don’t know how many days later you can travel to Bangkok. Maybe easier to go to Bangkok and spend 10 days in quarantine? Plus have been vaccinated.

        1. Good to meet you today. You should upload a profile photo and a background cover photo on your profile. Many members don’t want to connect with someone who they cannot see. No need to be naked.

  4. thank you Gregers for the clearly-written updates regarding the path to visit Thailand. Getting vaccinated indeed the key for all options. In our country, we are still in the >60 bracket vaccination process. The 18-60 will come about summer time, subject to vaccines availability for sure.

  5. With a 3rd wave of Covid infections, a sudden new surge across Thailand, fuelled by Britain’s highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant, is jeopardising that vision you proclaim. After containing the virus for months, a steep rise in cases over the past fortnight, seeded in entertainment venues, reached a record 1335 positive tests in a day on Wednesday. As much as I would like to see the Government plan for Phuket be realised, there is too much uncertainty certainly in the short term to be suggesting Phuket welcomes you !