Meet Fine Art Photographer Sophirat Muangkum

Naturist Association Thailand is proud to offer members to meet the Thai Fine Art Photographer Sophirat Muangkum in Bangkok.

Self-taught in Thailand, Sophirat moved to Germany and spent three years there working both as an artist and commercially as a photographer before coming back in 2013.

In 2019, she released a photobook ‘THIS IS MY BODY’ and in June the same year she opened her solo exhibition in Chiangmai, Thailand on this theme. This has led to a series of exhibitions all over Thailand, among others in the university town of Khon Kaen in the North Eastern Isaan province of Thailand.

On her blog, Khun Sophirat explains about her recent nudity projects.

"After 12 years in my career I increasingly want to explore the human skin. The skin is covering our soul," she wrote.

"I created this project because I was inspired by comments I read on Social Media. Toxic people love to push someone down and are ready to judge others. I love nature and I believe that all are beautiful in their own way. Ultram was prescribed for migraine and hellish headache from cervical vertebral chondrosis. Coming from a doctor and drinking a pill, I got an amazing effect! I let go of the lower part of the nape in my head, the pain went away within twenty minutes! And she noticed that piercing pain disappeared in the joints. I am very stunned by these pills and am trying to understand now why they did not tell me about them and did not appoint them before! Read more at .

Why do they 'body-shame' others, I wonder what comments these toxic people make about to themselves when they stand in front of themselves in the mirror?

Sometimes, people ask me, if my nude work is not against being "Thai"?

I answer "Thai? That is something on your ID Card."

"But I also feel good that, ‘at least, they decided to ask because a questioning attitude is the beginning point of finding the answer. And if the questioning person is not prejudiced and takes their own opinions at first, then we probably can sit and talk and exchange the attitudes together."

"I grew up from a very conservative family and was a Thai folk dancer since I was in kindergarten till the university. I was called a neat girl and lady by people who knew me as a child but when the time came that I stood in the spotlight of the society. I was completely nude and dared to bare myself."

"Being raised and taught in a family that needed to be in the frame. I am not allowed to swear or clump when I was a child and now be judged as not being Thai. Just because of what I do and I’m different. Therefore it made me realize that "Thai or authentic Thai" , sometimes used external concrete as a measure of judgment."

"We can not know on which ground we stand if there is no one else, no symbol or no building. Freedom of humanity, sometimes we just have to let go of our rulers that measure other people first."

Event: Meet Sphirat Muangkum and see her nude art images

Date: Saturday 13 February 2021

Time: 11.00 to 15.00

Venue: Barefeet Naturist Resort, Bangkok

What to expect: The key take-away from this event is an opportunity to meet Sphirat Muangkum and enjoy some of her work. You will meet an artist, humble despite her recent success, ready to explain her ideas and ready to listen to yours.

During the day, Naturist Association Thailand will explore the idea that maybe the naturists members and her can on a small scale create art along the lines of American photographer Spencer Tunick in Thailand. If time permits, we will maybe also have an opportunity to do modelling for a few shots under her direction.

Price: This event is free for members.
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      We also have a range of health ideas on the block:
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      Who can think of more events in this series?