Hidden Beaches to Watch Sunrise

2013 is a year full of "nudist adventures". As a nudist who loves to explore, I feel that way.
After serving for 3 months in Larantuka, Flores Island, I moved to Halmahera Island, located in the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in East Halmahera Regency. Just like when I was in Larantuka, so after a few days I was in East Halmahera, I began to look for areas where I could use my location to express my nudism. And indeed very much. This is because in East Halmahera, the population is still very small, so there is a lot of vacant land. Especially because at that time many nickel mining companies were closed, so that more locations I could use to bare.
One of my favorite locations is a beach called Marnoppo Beach. I always go to the beach at dawn, so I can enjoy the beautiful sunrise while feeling the morning breeze blowing all over my naked body.

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