Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket

Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket is a beautiful naturist resort in Thailand, located in Rawai, in the famous island of Phuket. British couple Neil and Tracy refurbished the resort and opened in November 2019 for naturist couples and single NAT members who enjoy the freedom to be naked in the fresh air & sunshine.

The resort is spacious with 8 cottages spread out on 2 rai of land - over 3000 square meter. At the centre is the large swimming pool with a cozy, fully stocked Pool Bar, a volleyball field that doubles as badminton field, a large green lawn with groups of seating under shady gacebo's. The cottages are tugged away under large trees along the side of the resorts.

Neil and Tracy expanded the resort with a restaurant pavilion in the summer of 2020. From there, you have a shaded view of the pool, a bar, a pool table and relaxed seating arrangements. More expansion are in the pipeline.

Guests can relax by the pool or have fun playing in our beautiful garden which is equipped with hammocks, badminton and volleyball. The atmosphere is friendly and informal and we are happy to host even those who have not yet practiced naturism but are happy to join our world. Here there is no need to wear something, not only at the swimming pool but anywhere. So, enjoy this naturist resort in Thailand for an unique experience of real naturism!

Harmony Resort Rawai became an accredited member resort of Naturist Association Thailand in October 2019 and opened for guests the next month.

The owners of Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket, Neil and Tracy holding up the Harmony logo together with Disraporn and Gregers at the accreditation agreement to be a naturist resort in accordance with the charter of Naturist Association Thailand.

The property is a short walk from nearby restaurants and shopping outlets in Rawai and Nai Harn areas. Phuket International Airport is about a 1-hour drive away. A taxi service can be arranged pick-up/ drop-off. Discounts on excursions and tours can be arranged if you book through ourselves.

The nearest beach is Nai Harn Beach, located about 1 km away. Other nearby beaches include Yanui and Rawai Beaches.

Enjoy more views from the resort below - and book your stay HERE!

Contact Harmony Resort Rawai on email: [email protected]


All air-conditioned chalets come with a living area. Each room has an inside and outside seating area and a private bathroom with a shower with free 5G WiFi and flat screen cable TV.

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  1. Can I request one thing..pls make it mandatory naked ..the optional word is very discouraging and subjective and makes the ones naked feel v v uncomfortable..

    1. Hi Manisha
      thank you for your comment and it’s well noted however we have been to many resorts around the world and there are so many couples where only one person is happy with fully naked and therefore they do not have access to our way of life.
      by offering the option to be partially clothed, it is our hope that they will be, one day happy being fully naked.
      Rest assured we keep strict guidelines as to who comes in so it will not be a case of fully clothed people simply looking.
      I hope this makes sense and you understand our rational
      hope to see you here one day.
      Kind Regards

    2. Hi Manisha, we have re-worded our resort as fully naturist having taken on board what you have said.
      However it still embraces that, if a partner is a bit shy for the first day or two we will be textile tolerant. I hope now that you would be comfortable in coming to visit us.
      Hope to see you soon.
      Neil &Tracy

  2. Looks nice, we are in Phuket for 1 week in early January. Would like to visit but with the no day visitors policy looks like we will not be able to. We booked and paid for our accommodation back in September before we knew this place existed.

    1. Hi,
      Shame you didnt know about us, our no day visitors policy mainly applies to single guys, we have no problems with people who are members.
      if you would like to join us for a day or so you are more than welcome, just give me a call on 0647729070 or send us an email at [email protected]
      we shall look forward to meeting you both.
      Tracy & Neil

  3. Just following up the convo above. Making a resort mandatory naked shall be an option and not a MUST. Once the place is proclaimed clothing optional naturist should be able to get rid of clothes without any fear and get on with their way of life comfortably. The only people who will feel uncomfortable in that establishment are the ones in full clothes and never the naturists.

  4. You’ll are all members of NAT but it looks like each resort has its own rules. Their should be one standard rule that applies for all resorts to ensure there is no discrimination against genders or those who prefer to remain partially clothed or cover up constantly with a towel. Also staff should also practice naturism. There are many reasons given why they do not but this distracts from the main spirit of naturism.

    1. Karl, we have been through this before. You are very insisting that staff at naturist resorts should be naked. I have never met you so I don’t know to what extent you are a naturist fundamentalist. But I will repeat again: All resorts that have a contract with Naturist Association Thailand offers space where members (and sometimes others) can practice naturism. NAT does not have a contract with the owners of naturist locations that they must be naturists. That is not our business what they are – it is our business to ensure more and more locations where naturists are welcome to be nude. Enjoy your nude space and stop focusing on what the staff wears or does not wear. Are you a regular at any of the current locations in Thailand?

  5. Hi gregers. Thanks for your considered reply. I appreciate it. I am an academic who is also interested in social behaviour. So please don’t shoot the messenger as i am only expressing what some of the members who i have spoken to casually feel. Nevertheless i understand your particular situation. I guess when i had initially raised the question as i wanted to understand the thai context now what i regard as a simple answer would have sufficed like “it is difficult to find good thai staff who are also naturist and this maybe due to the fact that the thai culture and maybe religious beliefs frown on people who remove their clothes in public”. I once visited your place with 2 thai friends of mine both women in their 20s who were open to trying naturist lifestyle. However when they saw the male staff at the restaurant clothed and his female companion who was sitting nearby also clothed the women covered up as they did not want to loose face. So we had our lunch and departed. So maybe if as a club we are interested to attract younger guest who are also single unaccompanied local or asian women then we need to be aware of this. This was the context in which the issue was raised. Thanks and peace.

  6. I know that the other comments in this forum and almost a year old and the subject of clothing optional or nudism mandatory, has been discussed here. I am assuming the resort is “clothing tolerated” since this is mentioned on the website. For me, that’s just a play on words. Clothing tolerated is the same as clothing optional. One of the pleasures of Phuan was the nudism mandatory rule, very much enforced by the manager.
    From the photos on the website and above, 95% of the people in the posed photo around the bar are clothed. If I arrived at the resort and saw that, I would check out.

  7. Hi Alan, our website was updated quite some time ago, we are a fully nude resort, everybody except the staff is naked, during the difficult period of time we are in at the moment we are having to rent our rooms out on a monthly basis, some of our guests are naturist at the moment but not all hence our recent photos are of people clothed.
    Once this pandemic is over everything will be back to normal All NAKED.
    Thank you for you comments though, I appreciate any feedback.
    Happy new year, keep well.
    Neil & Tracy

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