Gender Balance in Naturism | Female Naturist

I don't know.. Western Societies some times need it but in my mind Asian don't.

North American women often need much more courage to visit a nudist club for their first time than men do.  ( It's interesting to note, though, that women frequently find their first visit so comfortable and relaxing that they are more enthusiastic about returning than their male counterparts!  We've seen this happen many times. )  Women tell us that they find it liberating to learn that they can relax au natural in a safe environment where they aren't looked at or thought of in a sexual way.There should be rewards for people who bring women and couples to nudist club. This program will encourage single men to bring their female friends. It is observed that it's the couples and single women, bringing more of their female friends, than the single guys.

Source: Gender Balance in Naturism | Female Naturist

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