Chan Resort Pattaya

Chan Resort is a resort for naturists -both local and international. We were the first resort in Thailand to happily provide a special place for naturists, and still proudly do so. We believe in enjoying the sun fully, naked…  the natural way.

The sense of freedom that comes from relaxing by the pool without a swimsuit is one of the main reasons why people come visit us and love it so much. The sun relaxes the body deeply all during the day and soon the mind relaxes too and the spirit follow.

You will find yourself resting, relaxing, maybe eating a little and fully enjoying the calm, open and relaxed atmosphere. So there you go…

We hope to welcome you soon in our small naturist resort down here in Pattaya.

Chan Resort Logo

Chan Resort Pattaya, Thailand
Most Naturist Friendly Resort in Thailand

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English & Thai (Alex) : 083 003 0831
English & Thai (Ja) : 087 611 2902
Front Desk : 038 050 128


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  1. dear Gregers, would it be good if the direct internet link of the resort be included in this page.
    readers of this page can open the link of the resort to do their booking.
    Thank you

  2. We called the number above but could not
    I have asked my friend in Thailand and reply: Chan resort only accept booking 2 weeks in advance?
    is it right?
    thank you!

    1. I don’t think that is correct. I will ask someone to check the numbers. If wrong, I will correct them and write them here again.

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