Barefeet opens naturist resort in Trang

Barefeet Heaven Hill Naturist Resort in Trang will be the 9th naturist resort in Thailand when it opens for naturists on 1 December 2019. Location:

This extremely beautiful boutique hotel became a naturist haven for the next three years on the auspicious day of 11. November 2019 when Disraporn Yatprom signed a leasing contract with the current owners, whose son - currently the manager - is going away to get a masters degree from Germany.

Disraporn signed the contract in her capacity as Managing Director & President of Barefeet Co., Ltd. - the same company that now also manages Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok. The company has a capital of 4 mill. Thai Baht and was set up specifically with the purpose of expanding the Barefeet Group of naturist resorts in Thailand.

Barefeet Heaven Hill Opening – 30 percent discount throughout December 2019!

Heaven Hill Resort in Trang is located a few hundred meter from Had Yao Pier and a few more for the Had Yao Beach - up on a small hill that makes the need for protective fencing unnecessary. From the eight rooms of the resort and the swimming pool deck and the restaurant, there is a direct view of the majestic lime stone rocks shooting out of the ground, that the Trang Province is so famous for. - And to the other side, you can enjoy the view of the blue waters of the Andaman Sea and Koh Libong in the distance.

Heaven Hill Resort in Trang is already on several booking platforms. Barefeet only needs to take over the control of these platforms and modify to signal to say clearly, that you will have to be a naturist to stay here. The expected name as a naturist resort will build on the existing logo. Most likely, the official name will be "Barefeet Heaven Hill Naturist Resort". But in recognition of the Thai people's habit of abbreviating everything down to the bare essentials (pun intended!), the pet name may eventually end up being just "Bare Heaven" or even more clinically "Bare Trang" - just like the five year old Barefeet naturist Resort in Bangkok has become known among the naturists as simply "Bare".

Visitors to "Bare Heaven" will be surrounded by activity options. First of all, you would go down the steep hill - about thirty meters elevation - to enjoy the southern Thai kitchen at the restaurant on the pier, owned and managed by the owners of the resort, by the way. From the pier, there is a regular ferry traffic to Koh Libong and Koh Kradan, Ko Lanta and onwards to Phuket - and vice versa! You can take the ferry from Phuket here! The village is not dependent on tourism income from foreigners and that shows in the most charming ways. All signs are in Thai, but you are surrounded by helpful Thais, who are only happy to help translate for you. Turn back Thailand twenty years, and you will understand what I mean.

In the morning, the fishermen come in and provide a colourful scenario of sorting the fish and shrimps and crabs in the different baskets and carry them off to trucks waiting to bring them to the market in Trang. If you spot a delicious one, buy it and ask the restaurant to prepare it for your lunch!

After the morning hustle and bustle, a few hundred meter down the road, you will find the long, almost endless beach where there are several opportunities to find niches to be naked that will offend no-one, simply because few locals venture that far from the main access roads to the beach. The simple rule is: If there is nobody to offend, how can you offend anybody?

The beach restaurants at the beginning of the beach offers renting of ATV four wheelers that drives smoothly on the beach. You can also rent a kayak and paddle along the coast. That way, you may even spot a dugong, this rare and nearly extinct mammal that lives only in this area where they feeds on the special sea-grass that grows here in the shallow waters.

Speaking of nature, from the hill of the Barefeet resort itself, a common sight towards the North is the majestic, white breasted brown sea eagles circling over the waters at the mouth of the river leading up to Trang. To the other side, don't be surprised to spot a hornbill sliding over the jungle. On the grounds, we have giant monitor lizards checking out the lawns for worms and caterpillars in the morning. And like anywhere in Thailand, in the evening we host an abundance of frogs and toads and geckos and moths and bats and tukays. And of course the occasional mosquitoes that they all feed on. To ensure that the mosquitoes remain exclusively the feed of these natural inhabitants of the jungle hill, you will find several kinds of insect repellents in your room.

Next morning, visit the local school and help the teacher by speaking your foreign language to the students. Don't forget, you are the real student! You are here to learn how the Thai schools teach students to be open and friendly to strange foreigners like yourself.

Finally, on a lazy day, you may want to go to soak in the local hot spring - outside in the public ponds or inside in huts housing 5 to 6 thermae visitors. The water bubbling out of the ground flows into pools of scalding hot water with temperatures ranging from a punishing 48 degrees Celsius to a mere 35 degrees hot tub feel, but still rich in minerals and benefits. An elevated footpath takes you past insect eating plants and tree specious that you have never seen before, adapted to the strange habitat off heat and sulfur.

Of course, you can also just go diving and snorkeling, traditional Andaman Sea style.

Here are some more photos from the resort:

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  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You guys are certainly on a roll. Well done and congratulations on your new resort. It is just a shame that we are so far away in NZ but I will certainly promote your new resorts in my newsletter.

  2. Gregers and Dao
    We want to include your new resort in our travels in February. We are just now opening discussions with our traveling companions, Tom and Elly Wakem. When we come to a consensus we’ll make a booking for the four of us. It may require reducing our stay at Barefeet (Bangkok) by a few days but we’re sure that can be managed.
    Can’t wait.
    Larry and Avery Johnson

  3. OK Gregers, we got the go ahead from our traveling companions. We are definitely coming to Bare Heaven. Is there a way to book directly or do we need to use or such? Also do you have massages at the new resort as you have at Barefeet in Bangkok?

  4. Gregers and Dao
    Not knowing where to send my booking request, I sent it to Barefeet Naturist Resort hoping that it would reach the Heaven Resort that way. In case it didn’t, we want two double rooms arriving Feb 9 and leaving Feb 19, 2020. I don’t want to use unless I have to. Besides they only have twin rooms listed. But booking nailed down.

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