AsiaNAT to be held at Barefeet Heaven Hill

AsiaNAT will be held at Barefeet Heaven Hill in Trang in October 2020 following a lucky draw among all the naturist resorts in Thailand which one of them should host the event each of the coming years.

The AsiaNAT was previously a half day meeting during NATCON where members from different countries in Asia reported on the naturist situation in each their country. Now it will be a weekend seminar in October focusing on the exchange of ideas among leaders and active members of naturist movements throughout the region - while the postponed annual NATCON from this year will be moved to Friday 30 April - Saturday 1 May and Sunday 2 May in 2021.

Giving the AsiaNat its own event makes it possible to set up workshops like for instance in social media or event management or online events hosting. And of course there will also be time for some after work partying! The dates of the AsiaNAT will be Friday 2 - Saturday 3 - Sunday 4 October 2020.

In the video, we first listed the resorts following their year of establishment. Then threw a dice to see which number they would get in the lucky draw. By a weird coincidence, the first four got numbers 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 before Harmony got 5 and Oriental Beach number 6.

Next, the dice was thrown to determine, which of the resorts should host AsiaNAT in 2020. The number of the dice would be the host. Had if for instance been a five, the host in 2020 would have been Harmony. Then the dice was thrown again so that the resorts to be the host for the next five years would be selected.

The result is:
2020 - Barefeet Heaven Hill
2021 - Harmony Resort
2022 - Chan Resort
2023 - Peace Blue Naiharn
2024 - Phuan Naturist Village
2025 - Oriental Beach Village

The luck draw was witnessed by around 15 guests at a Midsummer Dinner held at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok to ensure complete transparency. Members can see a separate report from the dinner party here.



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    Gregers. . this is encouraging. Is there any accurate news as to when international flights be opening up in Thailand? There is so many different opinions and statements from airlines.. governments and travel industry people.