Nude Modeling Day @ Dragonfly

The Nude Modeling Day took on 17 April 2021 place at Dragonfly Naturist Village with the participation of  one Thai artist, Khun Apirak, and the lovely four Russian artists in Pattaya, Adelina, Evgeniya, Irina and Lana.

Among the naturists models were this time several new people and the artists immediately asked the two younger ladies to be their first models. The possibility of doing the session in aircon in the fitness and pool room was clearly appreciated by the Russian artist, while Khun Apirak was more keen on working with the members hanging out around the swimming pool.

Naturist Association Thailand was represented by Gregers Moller, who bridged language barriers and coordinated breaks together with Khun Jai and her staff at the resort.

As usual, the artists presented by the end of the day their production and explained a bit about their technique this day and the challenges and opportunities the session had given them. One of the drawings were purchased while the others will be evaluated for selection into a not-yet-fixed exhibition in a gallery in Bangkok of works derived from this unique collaboration between artists and naturists in Thailand.

Enjoy the drawings from the day below.

PS. Dragonfly Naturist Village is from 1 April 2021 no longer a member resort of Naturist Association Thailand.

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    1. We have never explored this. Usually, the artists need to be there in person to draw the models who are there in person. Are you suggesting that the naturists could be modeling online and the artists drawing online and then submit the production by the end of the session? Interesting concept, if that is what you mean?

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