Why post naturist photos?  My seven reasons.

Why do I post naturist photos?  My seven reasons.

Let me begin my naturist story by explaining briefly why I am a naturist. It appears to be hard wired into me and I can't remember being in a forest or on a hiking trail, pond or beach without wanting to be naked. Something in nature calls to me and I have always answered whenever I have been able to do so. It's an amazing way to live and to experience the joy in being alive. If you are a real naturist, you know what I mean.

Why do I post naturist photos?  Here are my seven reasons.

  1. Posting naturist photos of myself proves beyond doubt that I am indeed a naturist. Naturist photos are those which show a person naked, not a body part and not hiding behind something. Doing this shows that I am a real person and a real naturist as well as a firm supporter of the goals of the naturist movement. It demonstrates that I am not a fake account of some guy who is just out to look for naked women as if this were a porn site. I am not the kind of guy who is going to cause trouble and yes, we have seen these guys here in the past.
  2. Posting naturist photos of myself gives an example to new naturists of what naturism is and what a naturist life looks like. Naturist activities are not limited to resorts and beaches. New naturists can see how real naturists live their lives as well as seeing what real naturist photos look like. A site like NAT might be the first opportunity for someone in a very conservative country to see what this marvelous lifestyle is all about.
  3. Photography, especially of the naked body, is a longtime hobby of mine and I enjoying sharing what I have done. I like posting naturist photos of a free and willing model always close at hand (me!) and I enjoy seeing photos that others have posted. Doing this gives me a chance to work on photography skills.
  4. Posting my naturist photos encourages other naturists new and old to be more open and honest with their own online presence as naturists. Honesty breeds honesty. Seeing me in the flesh may be just the boost someone needs to jump in and do the same. “It is easier to trust people who have nothing to hide.”
  5. Posting naturist photos of my body shows people, especially those who are timid and new to naturism, that you don't have to have a perfect body to be a naturist. It's not about being young and fit and ready for a career as a swimsuit model. It's about being yourself. . . whatever your age, color, background, sex, type or condition. When people who are just finding out about naturism see REAL photos here of the incredible variety of people who are naturists, they will soon realize that EVERY body, including theirs, will fit right in.
  6. Posting naturist photos makes this site into a virtual beach or resort for all those many times you can't be naturist in real life. It helps to fill in the gaps between holidays or opportunities to visit a naturist resort or beach. Pop in here anytime, see and chat with other naturists and enjoy their photos as you share yours.
  7. Posting naturist photos builds our community. Doing so creates a level of trust between members we may not have met yet or people we have met in person. The more we can trust each other, the stronger the movement and our mutual friendship as naturists will be.

Social Naturism.
Finally, its one thing to be naked alone or with your partner, so why social nudism? Well, we humans are social animals and as with any human endeavor hanging out and spending time with others who share the same feelings about something is great fun! Also it is a way to introduce naturism to timid newcomers and grow the movement. People are often drawn to nudism but in fear never take the first step. When they see us interacting socially and see how natural and enjoyable naturism is, they will be helped in overcoming their shyness.

At the same time, there is not any inhibition, even on the contrary. There is a thirst for activity, a desire for active action. Our naturist photos here, our NATCON photos especially, provide visual encouragement to take that first step. I believe this is one of the main reasons for NAT to have this forum.


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  1. The photo I am using as a header is the first photo I ever took and shared with others. Lantao Island, just off Hong Kong, six years ago. A pristine and quiet small stream with a waterfall and a pond. I self-timed this photo and a couple others. Had this Garden of Eden on my own for a number of days. One day a Chinese priest wandered down from the monastery and joined me, making it a social naturist experience.

  2. Welcome Sunil. My first suggestion would be to upgrade your membership in NAT. That way you can message other members with questions, see what is going on in the NAT community and become an active part of the group.

  3. John. We read your story 2 times carefully. We are of opinion that you are true person with nice heart. We personally feel that true naturist should show the picture of himself/herself showing showing private parts and so the face clearly.Will look forward to meet you soemtimes

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