The Nude Fishing Trip is here to stay!

Naturist Association Thailand's first nude fishing boat trip was a success right out of the box!

Next trip is already scheduled for Sunday 1 November 2020, (Join now!) We will be leaving from Pattaya at 8.00 and going to the tiny island Koh Nok about ten kilometers north west of Pattaya. The boat will stop for fishing two times on the way to the island where we will anchor up and have lunch either before or after snorkeling around the unspoiled corals of Koh Nok (google map link: )

The test trip on Sunday 4 October took off from Bali Hai Pattaya pier on time in a slight drizzle of rain. We are used to this phenomenon - it may rain in Pattaya, but once you get out from the shore, the rain stops. This was the case on this Sunday as well and although we only got sun in the afternoon, the drizzle stopped as soon as we got away from the shore.

This trip we went to the small island of Koh Sak, north of Koh Larn. Without international tourists, it was not crowded and we could be naked without offending anybody. On the way there, we stopped for fishing. The boat has plenty of fishing rods and our Captain is very skilled in preparing your rod for you if you are not used to fishing. The bait was sliced squid. When everybody had caught at least two fish - but most managed more than that - we took off for another location and tried our luck there. The main catch were some small red snapper. If they were too small, we released them and kept only the bigger ones for the lunch.

When we arrived the island, we borrowed the snorkeling equipment of the boat and went off exploring the corals which were beautiful. The waving anemone corals had Pink Skunk Clownfish playing around and there were even a green coral that I have never seen before. We took a banana down and attracted a big group of different kinds of fish all wanting a piece of the sweet stuff.

Back on board, the Captain's wife had made lunch. She had also deep fried our catch which of course tasted delicious when you have caught them yourself. There was also plenty of other stuff, fried chicken, fried rice, etc.. The couple live on the boat and her kitchen is neatly packed up at the stern of the ship.

Then it was time for a nap on the sun deck and eventually another snorkeling trip to the corals. Finally around four in the afternoon we lifted anchor and chugged off back to Pattaya. Again in amazing comfort compared to our previous bumpy speedboat trips.

If you want to join on the next trip on Sunday 1 November you simply contact [email protected] in order to receive information about the payment options - banktransfer via your app or payment via PayPal. Payment must be made 5 days in advance. In the extreme case that freak weather prevents the trip from taking place, you will of course be refunded.

Nude Fishing & Snorkeling Trip

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      1. I am afraid you are right. They kept eating my bait off the hook without getting caught. The captain started teasing me saying I wasn’t fishing, I was feeding the fish 🙂

  1. Wow. This looks great.
    If my STV visa application is going through I will be in TH this winter.

    Besides from having a great time I could probably teach you some tricks and tips about fishing as well. Your catch is good for bait though 😉
    Just joking, thanks for the great story !!