The growing of Naturism in Taiwan

Taiwan has a great advantage when it comes to practicing naturism among the East Asian countries. It has a tremendous variety of mountain sceneries and shores which gives a big advantage, but most importantly is the freedom of the people. Taiwanese can choose freely who they want to be.

Since the first small naturist group established a few naturist activities in the valley in south Taiwan late 1990s, the number of naturists started growing and sharing their meeting experiences on websites and blogs. This way, they effectively spread the idea of naturism and continued to attract curious people to join in. Between 2008 to 2013 it was even reported several times on TV news and talk shows.

Lead by Mr. Zhang, Long-Ji naturism thrived during that period and was open to the public on the internet. Even there was once a reporter that sneaked into a nude event and wrote a false and exaggerated report, it instead of harm only brought more public attention to naturism and brought more curious people to try it out (including me).

TV news for one of the event in 2011

Unfortunately Mr. Zhang passed away in 2015 due to cancer. Since then, the naturist group has been divided and became private. At the same time, without Mr. Zhang’s defence of naturism in public, news reporters wrote more false and misleading reports about nude events in Taiwan, which severely drove Taiwan naturists into more secret groups and more low profile.

The hope to bring naturism back into public view showed up in 2019. After a long debate for homosexual marriage ended up becoming legal in Taiwan, it significantly symbolised that Taiwan has stepped forward into a society which can tolerate more different voices. I have noticed that naturist numbers in Taiwan have kept growing steadily through all these years. Although they are separated in different groups and regions, private events are still being held, and more people are willing to give it a try.

With the rapid growth of internet and mobile social tools, we can find other naturists on the apps and websites more easily. However, there also comes the same dilemma for naturism like in other countries – the swingers. Legalizing same-sex marriage did inspire the multi culture and respect for different voices, but it also inspired the swingers. They are more active than ever on the social apps like tweet and facebook. This really confuses the public and those who are curios about naturism.

Aside from the difficulties and troubles to separate swingers and 'weirdos', Taiwanese are now more open and find naturism amore cceptable, the number of naturist in Taiwan is and will keep growing steadily. Maybe we are unable to create an open nude beach so quickly, but the idea of naturism is being spread on this land.



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  1. Yes, what is most important is that the concept of nudity is related to the concept of nature, that is to say, what is natural, which was the case there is 50 years old.
    Since then, all “post-modern” societies have regressed, and it is wearing clothes that is seen as natural, and not wearing it that is perceived as “perverse”.
    Fortunately, it seems that there has been a thrill in people’s minds for a few years and that wanting if not to live always naked, at least admitting to being ready to do so under certain circumstances is gaining more and more followers.
    We note on this subject that more and more Thai people register on the site of NAT and we now receive at home Thai friends who do not content themselves any more only with taking off their shoes at the entrance, but take off all their clothes to be naked with us.
    It is a real comfort to see that the spirits open to true freedom, that of dressing as one wants or not to dress at all.
    This is what particularly appeals to us in the Burning Man Festival which takes place every year at the end of August in the United States in Nevada, where for a week, a city of 50 to 70,000 people is constituted, “Black Rock City”, and where everyone can participate in artistic, musical or other projects, while being completely and legally free to dress as one wants, or to remain completely naked if one prefers, and that whether in the street, in bars or in concerts !
    That, is real freedom, at least !
    Nui and Phil

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zhang in 2013 and participated in several of their naturist weekend getaway events. He was a really nice person and devoted to the naturist movement in Taiwan. I believe the last time I spent a naturist weekend with the Taiwan group was in 2017. Haven’t heard much from them since then.

  3. I would be interested in an event or meet up of some kind once the travel restrictions ease and the world adapts to a ‘new’ normal. I’ve been to Taiwan before and found the country to be almost tropical with fantastic food and great people. I very much hope to make a stop (clothed or otherwise) on my way to Thailand in the next many months. I am watching the (Thai) Government restrictions and changes weekly. I really hope I can return to Thailand in December.. ??

  4. An interesting and informative article and certainly reminded me that whilst the majority of Asians are shy and consider nudism as “weird”, I know that nudists do exist most everywhere in the world .. it’s just a matter of making contact with private nudist groups and gatherings more accessible. I remember when i lived in Singapore, I searched for any clue that a nudist group might exist there. Took me some time, but eventually I discovered it. Surprisingly, I was the only Western member of the group and I suggested to them that they quietly publicise their invitation for foreigners to join. I hope the groups in Taiwan continue to prosper.
    I was intrigued by your comment “Legalizing same-sex marriage did inspire the multi culture and respect for different voices, but it also inspired the swingers”. I question whether this is correct. It certainly has not been the case here in Australia.