Resort Gecko Bali new partner resort

Resort Gecko Bali is a small-scale resort for naturists. The resort is located in South Bali with a lot of privacy in a quiet environment and is therefore an excellent location for novice naturists. Balangan Beach is easily accessible at just 3.4 kilometers away.

The resort consists of 4 detached bungalows and a very spacious, shared lounge with open kitchen. The swimming pool is positioned in the middle of the well-kept garden. You have access to your own bungalow, this is a very spacious, luxurious room with private bathroom equipped with all comforts. including an extensive breakfast in the restaurant.

Besides wanting to offer you a great holiday, the Dutch owners also care a lot about the street animals in Bali. The resort donates 5% of every booking to organizations that care about the welfare of these dogs and cats.

Who are we?

We, Daniel and Alise, are a Dutch couple. We are both in our fifties and have plenty of energy. In recent years we lived in Belgium, and slowly but surely the plan to live outside Europe started to take shape.

I, Daniel, have always wanted to move to a warm country and my first idea was to buy a sailboat and sail it around the world. I have been a sailing fanatic for years and have sailed a lot in Croatia. There we also came into contact with Naturism. However, my wife, Alise, did not like this sailing adventure at all.

When we went on holiday to Bali for the first time in September 2019, we immediately fell in love with this beautiful island. Then the idea immediately arose: Why not start something in Bali? And we both thought that was a great idea.

We agreed that we would go back to Bali a few months later to further develop this new idea. But unfortunately, then Corona came into play and the airport in Bali was closed for a while. After moving the already booked flight ticket three times, we were finally able to go to Bali again in April 2022.

Our plan had taken more shape in the meantime, so back in Bali we immediately set off to find a good place and further develop the plan.

And that has become Resort Gecko Bali. We warmly welcome you!

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  1. Good to hear that another Naturist Resort coming to Bali, before that, there is only one called Bali Au Naturel, but Bali Au Naturel mostly visited by gay so my wife fell a bit reluctant when I ask to go there again, since most of the time she was the only female there.

    1. Adrian that is not always true. I have been there a few times and only ever seen one gay couple there. always been multiple women and hetro couples there.

      1. What you said probably true because I visit Bali Au Naturel only twice, and probably we won’t go there anymore, the first one was in September 2018 which was in low season, the first day we were there we still saw 2 females there, moms in 60’s and her daughter around 40 years old. the next day they check out so my wife was the only female there so we check out on the third day, the second time was August last year, just only 3 room occupied, our room and the other two rooms were booked by single male, so she didn’t want to stay there and decided to booked a hotel nearby.