Promotion video for Thailand Naturist

Fifteen members joined the Beach Trip on Sunday 24 September and helped give a handful of Thai media students from Rangsit University a positive impression of our movement. The students produce a 3-minute program for National TV Channel 7 as part of a competition arranged by Boonrawd, the manufacturer of Singha beer and water. That video was on air on 2 November 2017.

The students afterwards produced this special promotional video for Naturist Association Thailand.

Here is the contest entry with Thai text:

The students also took part in the regular beach clean-up organized by Bruce Kendall. That earned them a free Membership for one year! Now we hope they will spread the word among other students.



  1. Shiv

    Well done! It’s great to see the next generation taking up the mantle and bearing the torch for a brighter future.