Premium Membership


Become a PREMIUM MEMBER for 1600 THB (≈45 USD). Enjoy all the privileges of Standard Members, plus you can bring up to 3 friends to events, and you are welcome at INF-FNI resorts worldwide.



PREMIUM MEMBER - 1600 THB (≈45 USD) enables the member to stay at naturist resorts abroad through the international INF-FNI network of naturists. Premium Members also show that extra support of the efforts of Naturist Association Thailand that we need to become more economically sustainable, enabling us to keep developing more and better member activities. Premium Members naturally also enjoy more privileges.

  • Premium Members enjoy of course all the privileges of Standard Members when it comes to interacting socially inside the member's only area etc..
  • Premium members furthermore receive the INF-FNI stamp on their membership card. The digital membership card gives access to naturist resorts and camps world wide as a certified INF-FNI naturist.
  • Premium members can bring up to 3 friends to our naturist trips and events.
  • Please note that the membership is valid for 365 days, starting from the moment you make the payment.


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