Phuan Naturist Villages signs NAT leasing contract

NOTE: Phuan Naturist Village stopped operating on 28 September 2020.

Gregers Moller, Naturist Association Thailand, with Resident Manager Mrs. Jai Kendall of Phuan Naturist Village and Miss Jathuporn Pikulwong, the leaseholder of the area.

Phuan Naturist Village south of Pattaya will continue as one of the most popular naturist recreational facilities in Thailand. A planned closing of the place by end of February has thereby been avoided. Members of Naturist Association Thailand will experience no interruption of service.

Naturist Association Thailand signed on Christmas Eve 24 December 2018 at 18.00 at Phuan Naturist Village a monthly rental agreement with Miss Jathuporn Pikulwong who holds the lease and business rights to the area. According to the contract, Naturist Association Thailand will rent the whole area on a monthly basis from January 1, 2019 with the purpose of turning the area over to be used exclusively by its members for recreational purposes. The current renting of rooms on a daily basis will be changed to be a usage charge of the club, which will be charged to the member's account.

"We want the members to feel as little change in the way they today use Phuan Naturist Village," says Gregers Moller, founder of the Naturist Association Thailand.

"Booking will be continued visually as if nothing has changed, reservation fees will be charged as today, etc. We will try to minimize the feeling that there is a change."

On the management level, Miss Jathuporn "Mae Porn" Pikulwong will as of 1 January 2018, no longer be in charge. Instead, Naturist Association Thailand has assigned Mrs. Jai Kendall as Resident Manager of Phuan Naturist Village. Other staff have been offered to continue and the team will be expanded little by little as the right candidates can be found.



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  1. Great and appreciated effort by Gregers and NAT to step in and prevent the closure of a beautiful Naturist resort.
    It was unfortunate to hear the announcement from Mae and Jai during the first anniversary of Phuan.
    And yet we received a great news today and an awesome Christmas gift from Gregers.

    Santa Claus does exist after all :))))

  2. All staff of the old management were naturist even kitchen staff which goes to show that it can be done if there is a will.

    This is the only compulsory naturist club which is excellent and the way it should be for ALL CLUBS. I encourage the management to make sure all staff are also naturist. I am sure this will drop the barrier to thais coming to the place. Sometimes you have to take the hard decisions to achieve your goal of increasing naturism. You pay the staff slightly higher wages and i am sure you will succeed.