Phuan Naturist Village Sattahip

NOTE: Phuan Naturist Village stopped operating on 28 September 2020.

Phuan Naturist Village is a new naturist resort opening up in Thailand - ready for the high season. Phuan Naturist Village is located between Sattahip and Pattaya only 2 hours drive from Bangkok. The Grand Opening of the new resort took place in the weekend of 24th and 25th November 2017.

Phuan Naturist Village is the latest great place for naturists world wide to come to Thailand and enjoy naturism, weather suitable for nudity 24/7 combined with the legendary Thai hospitality. What awaits you are five simple bungalows, four 2 bedroom villas and a large swimming pool with a waterfall surrounded by palm trees, can you imagine a more peaceful setting?

Within the resort there is a game room, karaoke, exercise equipment, and sauna. But guests may also just want to lie by the pool soak up the sun and maybe read a book. The pool is a large, 17 meters (55 feet) by average of 7 meters (30 feet).

The story of Phuan Naturist Village is the story of one young Thai woman who became a naturist in Thailand. She visited several of the existing naturist resorts in Thailand and found it so wonderful that she shared it with her female friends. Slowly they embraced the concept, too. Together, they attended various Thai naturist functions and events and well, the next thing that happened was that one of them said “Hey! Why don’t we just have our own naturist resort so we can enjoy naturism more often?"

What was meant in jest was taken up by the other girls. "Yes, why not, indeed?" That was the beginning of Phuan (which in Thai means friend).

Please book your room for the opening on  [email protected],

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Still not convinced? Read this article in the AANR Spotlight magazine:

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  1. I visited this place in April first week. It was my first experience at nudist place and I felt like I am commpletelt free from outside world. The resort is very nice, staff is extremely polite and cooperative. I met Gregers also and had a some chat with him. He is a very nice person. Pool is amazing, food is also good. Overall, I would say its a best experience I had in my life.

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