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I just came across this fab piece of snarky, informational breastfeeding support by by Elsinora on babycenter.com, Every argument against NIP debunked, I love it so much that I had to paste it below for your reading pleasure, just in case it ever gets deleted.

Source: Read it: Every Argument Against NIP Debunked | paa.la


  1. Gregers Moller

    Free the nipple! In my teenage years, 1960’s, we already freed the nipples once! The bra was burned at the stakes all over Europe… how come we allowed some people to put the freedom behind bars again? This article punctures every possible point people who don’t like women to give breast in public like to make.

    My favorite is the argument:
    But I don’t want to see that! It makes me uncomfortable.
    … to which she responds:
    “You have the right to feel uncomfortable. Likewise, I have the right to feel uncomfortable when I hear people preaching on street corners or see men wearing socks with sandals. ..”

    And there is more good stuff there that makes me smile from ear to ear. More power to her!!

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