Naturist in a Non-naturist society

First of all, i want to say that the Naturism is a really good way to live. We can enjoy the normal living - but naked with all friends, increase our body acceptance among them and of course relieve stresses.

I became a naturist since 15 years ago. At the beginning I was just being a home nudist while my parents were out, and trying my first outdoor naturist experience in 2009 at a natural hot spring near my hometown.

Unfortunately, being a nudist in my country is strictly prohibited, almost all the people judge naturism to be sexual activity, sin, and bad attitude, and also we can get a big trouble in our social life, career, and even go to jail.

Since i got married, I started to introduce naturism to my wife. She accepts all my naturist activity and accompanied me to the naturist resorts in Bali.