Naturist lifestyle, swinging style, exhibitionist style

In Thailand, naturism as a lifestyle is increasingly accepted as healthy or at least harmless. This simple infographic is trying to explain what naturists have in common with exhibitionists and swingers. Or what swingers and exhibitionists have in common with naturists.

Is this how you see it?

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  1. We would disagree, both Swinging and Exhibitionism has nothing in common with Naturism, they are different in both the objectives and ideologies, nudity is just a by-product of the former two.

  2. I see absolutely no connection between Swingers, Exhibitionism and Naturism. If you use this model, then the recording of a porn video can also be linked to naturism, and I see no coincidence otherwise.

    So what other things should also be linked to naturism? – a shower maybe?

    1. Thanks for your input. Of course some naturists are swingers. And some are probably exhibitionists. I wonder if the designer wanted to show that since we share being naked we are somehow the same? Or maybe he/she wanted to show that just because we may share the technical detail that we are naked it does NOT mean that we are the same?
      What if the circles said “Naturist” – “Christians” – “Democrats” and in the middle it says “Believers”.
      Where do you think I found it?

  3. In my opinion, the common point between naturists, exhibitionists and swingers is nudity and nudism. What differs naturism from nudism is that naturism is a non-sexual practice of nudity in common with respect for others and for nature.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
      If I imagine the circles as a physical space and there are people in all three circles then personally I would move over to the far left of the naturist space simply because I don’t like that the other groups are naked for a sexual purpose. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

  4. Personally, I think people can be swingers, exhibitionists, freemasons or Morris Dancers in private if they want to (hmm, you are probably not an exhibitionist if you only do that in private 🙂 ).

    They can be naturists with us by behaving responsibly in our gatherings so we can have a safe and welcoming environment for both established naturists and tentative newbies. One of the best things about NAT is the care and consideration we give to anyone who wishes to explore the freedom we all of us value.

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