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Back in the 1960s someone worked out that Swanbourne was the perfect beach for nude swimming. It is at the back of and army camp and the land is owned by the federal government. So the state government and local police have no jurisdiction and can’t do anything about it.

I first went to this beach in 1974. As a fresh faced 18 year old teenager I had been trying nudity at home when I got the chance and didn’t know other people were doing the same thing. I was very nervous to take my clothes off in front of other people but eventually I got over my nerves and did. This was back when everyone had pubic hair and no one had tattoos but nudism was alive and well. On a good day we could have up to 5000 people on the beach. At the time it was the most used beach in Perth.

I got over my nerves and eventually played volley ball and even met a few people. I spent the whole day there and I got soo sun burnt I couldn’t sit down for a week. I spent the next week lying face down in the lounge room at home and my mum had to put cream on me every day. My mum was a deeply religious person and I got a lecture every time, “the sunburn is god’s punishment “ “nudist beach is the devils playground” etc. This just made me more determined to go back to that beach.

It was also about this time that nudists were becoming naturists? Nudism seemed to have a stigma but naturism seemed more acceptable? I have been a dedicated nudist ever since. I went to that beach almost every weekend over summer and made some good friends.

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in the last few years and have been to nudist resorts and beaches all over the world. The one thing I have found at all of these places is that people are generally friendly and everyone is equal without the veneer of clothing.
Sorry about the dodgy photo I went early and got a quick pic before too many people arrived cos people don’t like you taking photos at nude beaches.

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