Join the Global Naturist Forum together

The big event this weekend 14. and 15. November 2020 is the Global Naturist Forum. In Bangkok, members are offered to stay Saturday and Sunday night for a combined 1900 THB - and then join the online event together on Saturday and the Nude Drawing Day on Sunday - plus join the second day of the Global Naturist Forum Sunday evening.

The Global Naturist Forum will be the first time that naturists worldwide can meet and discuss the future of naturism in real time from each their location. In Thailand, the online world event starts quite late - at 20.00 on Saturday 14 November 2020. The late hours helps European, African, North American and Latin American naturists to join.

1. Global Naturist Forum: Naturism – The Future

The next day, in Thailand, we will on Sunday 15 November have the art day at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok in the afternoon starting at 1 PM. To stay the weekend, please call Am and check if there are still rooms available - 094 772 1116


Nude Drawing Day @ Barefeet Bangkok

The Global Naturist Forum that opened on Saturday continues in the evening, starting again at 20.00 Sunday and carrying on until 23.00 The closing section in which Naturist Association Thailand's founder Gregers Moller will be part of, the focus will be on global cooperation for the advancement of naturism. Since that last session will start at 23.00 it is unlikely that many Thai members will be following it, but in Africa and in Latin America, it is still not late.

2. Global Naturist Forum: Naturism – The Future

Moving a week ahead, another reality event is on offer in Thailand. The Nude Boat Cruise with fishing and snorkeling opportunities is scheduled for Sunday 22 November 2020. This event members must RSVP to make sure it happens. Come on, commit yourselves!

Nude Fishing & Snorkeling Trip

Moving into he month of Christmas, the long awaited Annual Christmas Party will this year take place on Saturday 26 December. This means that both European and American traditionalists can get their celebrations over and done with before - and still manage to join this great, one-and-only nude Xmas celebration in Thailand!

NAT’s Annual Christmas Party @ Ben’s place in Angsila

We will not interrupt any of our weekly 3 events: 1. Friday night games, 2 Saturday night Pub Chat, 3. Sunday night talks on international naturist issues. Check out the Calendar.

If you want to join these events, it is important that you put them in your calendars and that you download and test the needed software. You can do that with joining this room, which will likely have no visitors, but is great for installing and testing the Zoom app:

Once Zoom is installed and working, it will itself ensure that it is using the latest version with the latest bugs solved.