Free Tribe Nudist Resort in Chiang Mai

Free Tribe Nudist Resort in Chiang Mai will open on 1 May 2024 and fill the long vacant request for a real naturist resort here in the North of Thailand. The resort is located in Nong Chom district north of the city, only 15 km from downtown Chiang Mai and half an hour from the Chiang Mai airport.

Previously known as Sensei Farm and Farm Life Villa, the area is now rented by Mr. Zhou and his wife Shen and gently modified into a naturist resort under the new name Free Tribe Nudist Resort. A strong online identity of the new resort still needs to be established, but following the direction to the previous names mentioned will get you there.

The address is:

195/9 Moo3, Nong Chom Subdistrict, San Sai District, Chiang Mai 50210

Free Tribe Nudist Resort has a big variety of accommodation options. The most luxurious part is near the entrance where you first arrive. This building has a big living room and dining room in the center of the building and three large bedrooms upstairs each with own bath rooms. Outside there is a large swimming pool and a pond with ornamental fish.

There is also an odd room in a separate house up a wooden staircase where some people will for sure prefer to stay.

Overall there is an abundance of old trees and flowers.

On the other side of a big water reservoir pond, - yes, guests will actually be allowed to fish here! - there is a different style of accommodation. Three modern bungalows are built next to the one side of the pool while there are two larger houses to the other side. In between there is a playground where kids can play pirate of the carribean. On top of the three bungalows, there are bubble rooms, while the larger houses have inside stairs up to the bed rooms on the second floor.

Gracious old, wooden structures stand between the houses and the smaller pool which also serves as a jacuzzi tub.

"I like the atmosphere here," says the new owner, Mr Zhou. "It is calm, natural, green. I like the sound of all the birds throughout the day."

Before selecting this resort, Zhou visited "around 100 properties in less than 3 months", he says. He found it by contacting several real estate agents and explained to them what he wanted. He did not omit that he wanted to establish a traditional nudist resort so the agents would not waste his time by taking him out to locations, where the owner would not accept the naturist / nudist lifestyle.

Before moving to Chiang Mai, Mr. Zhou worked in the real estate sector in Yangshuo some 200 km from Shanghai in China. The collapse of the market during Covid forced him out of business and he saw no way he could continue his work in this sector.

At the same time, he and his wife Shen realised how much they appreciated the naturist lifestyle and they agreed it would be a good idea to provide a location for both Chinese and other naturists in Chiang Mai. There are many direct flights from China and an increasing number of Chinese are already flying to Thailand to enjoy naturist holidays here. The weather is always good for nudism at any season.

During our walk around the large property covering over 2 rai - over 3000 sq.m. - Zhou mentioned several times where he would erect gates and put up fences for added privacy. One of these structures would create a zone around the bungalow area if there should be groups who would want to book the area only for their own group.

"The different style and levels of accommodation will definitely suit everybody no matter what wish they come with," says Larry Johnsson who visited the resort together with his wife Avery when Disraporn and Gregers from the Naturist Association Thailand came to meet Mr. Zhou to discuss how Free Tribe Nudist Resort could join and become a Business Partner of the Naturist Association Thailand. Mr. Zhou stands firmly behind the NAT Code of Conduct and NAT will help him any way possible to put his new resort on the map.

Apart from the nice accommodation, there is an abundance of activity options. In the main hall of the big building, there will be board games like chess, Chinese chess, baccarat, mahjong, etc. There is also an electronic piano and a billard table in this area.

For guests staying in either of the two areas of the property there is a big room that can be used as a working space for naturists who live as digital nomads or bring some work that they need to do during the vacation.

In the bungalow section of the resort, there is another billard table, a big social breakfast table, a small stage with full karaoke equipment. The solid, old wooden structures have cozy corners on the second floor for reading a book.

During our visit, we were served breakfast by Ms. Palm, one of the existing staff that will continue working in Free Tribe Nudist Resort. She was happy to continue working with naked guests, because she had previous worked at a spa in downtown Chiang Mai where guests where also mostly naked, so she understood why guests like the freedom of the nudist lifestyle.

Evaluating Free Tribe Nudist Resort, from left Gregers, Zhou, Larry, Avery and Disraporn.


Khun Palm will continue to be a familiar face at Free Tribe Nudist Resort as she is used to being around naked people.



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