Free help with Special Tourist Visa to Thailand – for naturists

Founder Gregers Moller with membership manager Woraporn and wife Disraporn at the Thai Tiew Thai booth encouraging more Thais to try a naturist vacation. Photo: Naturist Association Thailand.

Naturists or nudists who are dreaming to spend 2 -3 months in Thailand during the winter can ask for help from Naturist Association Thailand to apply for the new Special Tourist Visa and find an affordable quarantine stay for the first two weeks. Currently, some hotels offer affordable prices from 30.000 baht to 50.000 baht on quarantine deals that include meals three times per day.

None of these hotels offer naturist facilities but after the first two weeks here the members are free to go and stay at their favorite naturist resort or go on a round-trip between them.

Naturist Association Thailand, which was established in 2007 by Danish long time resident of Thailand, Gregers Moller, will not charge anything for this service but will offer it for free to members only.

The new visa type was presented and approved during the cabinet meeting of the Thai government on Tuesday 15 September 2020. When the details have been finalized, it will be announced when it will come into effect.

The duration of the stay is 3 months on a single visa and it can be renewed two times for an additional 3 months. The visa is ideal for naturists who wish to escape the approaching cold winter months in Europe, the US or China.

Thailand has successfully managed to keep the spread of Covid-19 at a lower level than any of the countries is Europe and America even during the rainy season. Thailand's high season starts from November and lasts for at least five months.

The Thai naturist vacation market grew rapidly from 2011 to 2019 but the niche has suffered during the Covid-19 lockdown. Two of the previously eight naturist resorts have closed permanently but the six that are left are eager to pick up the business and one new resort for naturists is scheduled to open early 2021.

Naturists or nudists are encouraged to email [email protected] for more information.


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Developing locations and opportunities for our members to enjoy their naturist lifestyle in Thailand is one of the key services that we offer our members. Contact us today and find out if your business could be recommended.

​Looking for more naturist friendly spas and resorts

Naturist Association Thailand is currently seeking contact with owners of resorts and spas interested in entering the promising new naturist/nudist market within the Thai tourism industry.

“Helping owners of existing resorts and spas tap into the expanding naturist and nudist vacationing market is a service that we are pleased to offer,” says Disraporn Yatprom, Naturist Association of Thailand.

World’s first floating naturist conference

NATCON 2016 – the International Naturist Conference held every year in Thailand – will this year be the first international naturist conference world wide to take place on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake. This years’ conference is the 5th organized by Naturist Association Thailand. The event has drawn naturist to Thailand since 2010.


    1. Yes, Nick, we are waiting to know more details from the government about what you need to do.
      Our goal is to help our members go through the requirements – we do not have special powers to cut any shortcuts.
      But holding hands through the process might make it less stressful.
      The price for quarantine is where I think we can be of most help – finding quarantine at a cost of 2.500 baht per day would make it more acceptable.

  1. The other thought thats beginning to cross my mind is what will happen with Nat Con in April…? Its 6 months away… who knows? More restrictions announced today by UK government.

    Surely we’ll be back to normal by then?




  2. And given the discount on NAT resort room prices at the moment, if someone stays for two to three months, the whole package including the quarantine hotel charge would come to about the same, if not less, than the total cost for a stay of the same length last year, would it not, Gregers?

    1. That is so right, Kevin. It may be that the quarantine is a bit expensive, but all the naturist locations would be happy to negotiate a special long stay deal, that would more than make up for that.

      1. And you would be able to co-ordinate if someone wanted, once out of quarantine, to spend the two months touring the NAT resort options available across Thailand from Pattaya, Phuket, Trang, not forgetting good old Barefeet in Bangkok 🙂

        1. Yep.
          Right now, we are checking with the Embassies of Thailand in a range of countries and none of them have received instructions yet how to handle this new STV visa application and what exactly is required. When we know, we will inform the members of NAT asap!

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