First Asian Naturist Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand

First Asian Naturist Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand

4th NATCON - the Annual International Conference for Naturism and Nudism in Asia - is the only conference in Asia where all the participants are expected not to wear any clothes. At all. The conference will this year take place at The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai.

The conference has been held three times before, but the 4th NATCON will for the first time take place in Chiang Mai. Previous years, the conference has been held at Chan Resort in Pattaya.

The conference draws an increasing number of international as well as Thai participants interested in examining and evaluating the progress of naturism across Asia - and in the process build up their personal network among leaders within the naturism and nudism recreational sector in Asia.

The host-organisation, Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd., promotes naturism in its purest form as a healthy, mind and wellness building lifestyle. The association promotes self esteem and pride in the human body in all its shapes and forms in the face of an increasing commercial exploitation of nudity, creating the misconception that a person without clothes is shameful, lewd and related to sex and pornography.

The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai

The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai, where the conference will take place from Friday 12 June to Sunday 14 June 2015, is a member of Naturist Association Thailand and operates in accordance with this non-sexual codex. The resort has 12 charming and well equipped cottages, centrally located swimming pool with a direct view of the nearby mountains and a welcoming and helpful staff well acquainted with the special lifestyle of the naturist guests.

4th NATCON program and activities

On the opening day, Friday 12 June, the participants will arrive and familiarize themselves with the resort and relax in its beautiful natural environment. The main conference day is Saturday 13 June where speakers from Naturist Association Thailand and participating countries will report on the state of naturism in their respective home countries and discuss ways to move forward.

Parallel to the main program, a string of activities inside as well as outside the resort is planned.

Events are divided into free and paid activities. Events that are free and open to all are:

  • Volleyball
  • Body Painting
  • Naked Tug of War
  • Naturist Jungle Walk
  • Waterfall visit
  • Swimming

Events that will have a small fee are

- Hot Springs Visit
- Massages
- Cave Visit
- Lake Cruise

How to participate in 4th NATCON ?

The full conference fee is 2500 Baht (84 USD) per person, for 12, 13, 14 June. Single day participation is possible for a Day Visitor fee at 1000 Baht (33 USD) per person per day.

The full conference fee includes mingle and get-together on Friday, participation in the meeting and discussion groups on Saturday, all free events and dinner on Saturday night and dinner on Sunday night.

The maximum number of participants in the conference is limited to 50+ persons per day. Currently, 24 persons have signed up for either the full program or part of the program. Signing up remains open for any member of a recognized naturist and nudist organisation world wide.

To book conference participation, please send the following information by email to: [email protected]

1. Your real name, plus names of people attending with you

2. Your email address

3. Your member name if you are a member of Naturist Association Thailand defined as a member of - alternatively your affiliation with a naturist or nudist association elsewhere in the world

4. Information regarding your accommodation booking at The Oriental Village or elsewhere.

5. If elsewhere, please inform which day or days you need a Day Visitor pas to attend.

Upon receipt of the above, participants will be sent a Paypal invoice that can be paid by credit card or bank card. After payment of the invoice, the participant will receive a receipt with a unique number to use when checking in or attending 4th NATCON.

How to book accommodation during the conference?

Payment for the conference and payment for accommodation are two separate issues. Payment of the conference fee does not constitute a booking of a room at the resort - and booking of an accommodation alone does not entitle the person to participate in the conference.

Accommodation should be booked directly with The Oriental Village. In case all bungalows are rented out, a limited number of tents will be allowed. Otherwise, staying at a nearby resort and participating as a day visitor is an option. Ask the Oriental Village for assistance if needed.

To book accommodation, please contact:
[email protected]

About Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd.

Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. is the national organisation for naturism and nudism in Thailand . Established in 2007, Naturist Association Thailand is supported by 1800+ members. One third of our members are people in Thailand.

We promote existing naturist resorts and assist new prospective naturist resorts and spas how to enter this attractive new market in Thailand.

We communicate our common values of healthy, non-sexual leisure activities towards members new to naturism, the authorities, and other tourism and business associations in general to the benefit of both our individual naturist members and member resorts.

Naturist Association Thailand is also a licensed tour operator and offers accommodations, tours and activities within our niche market to domestic as well as incoming tourists.

Contact us:

Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd.
211 Soi Prasert-Manukitch 29
Prasert-Manukitch Road, Chorakaebua, Lad Prao district
Bangkok 10230 Thailand
Tel.: +66 2 943 7166
[email protected]

For a list of member resorts, click here.

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