Barefeet Naturist Resort, Bangkok

Barefeet Naturist Resort & Spa is a small naturist or nudist resort in Bangkok, Thailand! The management and the other guests expects you to undress when you arrive and be naked until you are ready to return to the outside world. If you come as a couple and your partner is new to naturism, he or she may wear a towel in the beginning. Nudity is important, but joining the experience together as a couple is much more valuable for both of you - although the full benefit of naturism will be reduced significantly

Located in Bangkok, 45 minutes from the city center by taxi and/or skytrain, Barefeet is popular also among business people or tourists who don't want to miss out on Bangkok's amazing tourist attractions. After a memorable day of business or sightseeing, refresh in our pool, energize in our fitness center, or balance your mind, body and soul at our hotel day spa.

Barefeet Naturist Resort has a nice big swimming pool, a smaller plunge pool, a regular pool side and a garden lawn for sunbathing or playing petanque. There is a sauna for five to six people, a hot tub for melting away and a massage room with two beds. Barefeet is rather famous for their elaborate massage menu. Guests also enjoy chatting with other guests around the big dining table or in the lounge outside their rooms.

Call for reservation +66 96 889 1112 - or Book here! 

To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment by newcomers, take note that chilling out at the resort is strictly a non sexual activity.


Barefeet Naturist Resort is designed specifically for naturists or nudists on vacation in Thailand. In this clothes-free environment, there’s no need to put on clothing for any activity until you leave the premises. This freedom is an ultimate luxury. And you’ll have peace of mind that here we take steps to ensure your privacy and comfort level.

Call for reservation +66 96 889 1112 - or Book here!

You’ll love sunning in our private garden and skinny dipping in the garden pool. And you’ll enjoy the legendary friendliness of fellow naturists. You will mingle with other guests and visitors either around the big shared dining table or at pool side.

Discount for NAT Members

Barefeet Naturist Resort gives discounts on the NAT membership card.

1. Members who book through the website of the resort or another way not through an agency will be entitled to get 10% discount on room charge when they stay 2 nights or more.

2. Members who stay 2 nights or more will also be entitled to a 50% discount on a one hour massage for every second night throughout their stay.

3. The member must show a valid membership card to be able to receive the discount.

4. If a members books through an agency they will still be entitled to the 50% discount on a one hour massage for every second night throughout their stay.

5. The above discount applies only to members of NAT and associated INF-FNI federations.

แบร์ฟิต เนเชอร์ริชต์ รีสอร์ท ขอเสนอส่วนลดสำหรับสมาชิกที่ถือบัตรของสมาคม เนเชอรีสต์ ไทยแลนด์

1. สมาชิกที่จองผ่านเว็บไซต์ของแบร์ฟีต รีสอร์ท จะได้รับส่วนลด 10% สำหรับค่าห้องในการพัก 2 คืนขึ้นไป

2. สมาชิกที่พัก 2 คืนขึ้นไปจะได้รับส่วนลดค่านวด 50% จำนวน 1ชั่วโมง (ไม่รวมการนวดพิเศษ)

3. สมาชิกต้องแสดงบัตร ต่อพนักงานเพื่อรับส่วนลด

4. สมาชิกที่จองผ่าน ทัวร์ เอเจนซี่ ที่พัก 2 คืนขึ้นไปจะได้รับส่วนลดค่านวด 50% จำนวน 1ชั่วโมง (ไม่รวมการนวดพิเศษ)

5. ส่วนลดนี้ใช้สำหรับสมาชิกของสมาคมเนเชอรีสต์ ไทยแลนด์ และสมาชิกของ INF-FNI เท่านั้น



China: 光脚天体度假村 (曼谷) Barefeet Naturist Resort(光脚天体度假村)

Taiwan: 光脚天体度假村 (曼谷) Barefeet Naturist Resort(光腳天體度假村)

Agoda Chinese: 光脚天体度假村

Bangkokhotels: 光脚天体度假村 曼谷

Japanese Booking:


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  1. Stayed here Oct 15.
    Good fun. Very hospitable hosts.
    I was pretty much the only house guest but met many lovely Thai locals, singles and couples who drop in regularly as day visitors.
    Will go again for sure next time going through BKK

  2. It’s a nice elegant Naturist resort I have ever visited. Their kind service and warm welcome always great. Mr Greger and his nice wife are always very helpful.I never forget the excellent time I spent there. I recommend all Naturists who live in the world to visit this place and spend your great time with them.