New INF organisation is born

The International Naturist Federation INF-FNI held on 26-27 April 2019 its first Board meeting since the World Congress in Lisbon in October 2018. Two of the current six members of the board were new on the board, Rosita Dal Soglio and Christoph Mueller.

Gregers Moller - Non-EU Assessor on the board and Founder of Naturist Association Thailand - briefed on Friday 26 the board on the new ASIANAT group of naturist federations about to be established at the NATCON gathering 3 -5 May 2019.

The following day, the Board decided to establish a new youth and sports organisation for naturist federation that are not located in Europe. Inside Europe, INF already has an organisation called EUNAT that arranges sports and other events in Europe. The new organisation follows the structure and idea of EUNAT. It will be funded by 40 percent of the membership fee paid by the Non-EU federations to the INF-FNI. A name needs yet to be found for the new organisation.

The board at the same time decided to propose at the World Congress in Slovenia in 2020 that the INF-FNI fees that the member federations pay to INF-FNI will be harmonized to be the same around the world. As in Europe, where 40 percent of this fee is allocated the EUNAT, the same will then be the case for Non-EU federations.

INF-FNI members outside Europe only amount to 7.000 members, so the new fund will only grow with 4.200 USD per year. The evaluation and selection of what activities to support will be in the hands of a three or four member committee with the Non-EU assessor - currently Gregers Moller - as chairman.

The organisations outside Europe with most members are currently Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. That means that the first events to be selected for support would likely be one on Latin America and one in Australia-New Zealand.

An annual international swimming competition and gala is one of the popular events organized in France supported by the EUNAT fund under the INF-FNI. Now there will soon be a similar fund for naturist federations outside the EU.