C’est La Vie, Nude Catamaran Cruise, Koh Phangan joins as NAT partner

C’est la Vie offers full day or half day naturist cruises on catamarans or speedboats based in Koh Phangan.
Discover the magnificent islands, the Angthong Marine Park nature reserve, the beautiful beaches and the animals that inhabit them.

C’est la Vie currently offers a fleet of 5 boats, 2 catamarans and 3 speedboats.

C’est la Vie 1 is the most luxurious & spacious of the catamarans, providing great comfort with all the convenience of amenities. The main covered cockpit features a fully functional kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 2 stove top gas cookers, an oven, a double sink, utensils and appliances, to give you all the convenience while on board.

The solar power panels and backup batteries provide clean energy for all onboard appliances including the air-conditioning that can be used for overnight cabin sleep.

Koh Phangan
84280 Suratthani, Thailand
[email protected]
Tel: +66 821479742
Use the code NAT to indicate that you are a naturist.

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