New issue of Bare@ll now online!

The new issue of the Bare@ll magazine is now available online. The magazine has been sent by email to both regular and premium paying members and premium members also have the option of receiving it in its printed paper edition. But all members can read it online on the website simply by logging in and visit the page

The Bare@ll magazine is created and edited by Disraporn Yatprom, a founding member of Naturist Association Thailand. The articles are written in Thai and English with mostly artistic images provided by members of the association.

The magazine is published in dual language - from one cover and to the middle, it is in English. Flip it around and then it is in Thai language from the cover and to the middle. Many of the articles are educational regarding what naturism stands for, which is something that has previously been difficult to find in Thai language. Other articles focus on the latest major events.

Here is the editorial column:

Dear Naturists,

I wish you all happy reading of this issue of Bare@ll magazine. This is the second issue and a strong performance of our Editor, Disraporn Yatprom. Well done!

Naturist Association Thailand was in New Zealand in mid-November to promote naturism to all the delegates representing national naturist associations around the world. I can guarantee you all that nobody left the INF Congress in New Zealand unaware that there is a strong association in Thailand with a handful of naturist resorts waiting eagerly to serve them and their members next time the weather gets too cold to practice naturism at home wherever that is.

Our purpose with the visit was successfully fulfilled. But I cannot help worrying about the INF. What would you call an organization which 63 years after its formation spends half of its bi-annual world congress discussing adjustments of its bylaws? While their house is on fire!

We should have been setting up a war-room!

Many governments - including the Royal Thai Government - are giving naturism a wider recognition as a fun, harmless and healthy leisure activity. But on another front Facebook, Google, Microsoft are successfully labeling our natural nudity as adult matter. They are showing an unwillingness to distinguish between naturism and pornography which is most likely deliberate. We need INF to fight them!

The online mind controllers are not alone. If you look closer, you will find the fashion industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the slimming industry, the food supplements industry, the surgical clinics industry… they are all on their side. We are surrounded by globalized and financially inexhaustible commercial corporations who all live on making us believe that our bodies are imperfect. How convenient is it not for them that we are not allowed to see each other naked or post pictures of ourselves naked

Their fake photoshopped image of the “normal” human body remains unopposed because there is no law against poisoning the minds of our young people with these dangerous body images. We need INF to fight these global superpowers.

Meanwhile - while INF is fiddling with their bylaws - we will continue to grow in Thailand. We will continue to give voice to people like Pim who in this issue calls on her fellow women to stop wearing that ridiculous piece of textile called a bra.

Please write many more personal statements like this with your own opinion to our editor. Together, we will make a difference. At least here at home in Thailand.

Gregers Moller
President of Naturist Association (Thailand)