Visiting Oriental Beach Village

Oriental Beach Village is the latest addition to the naturist resorts in Thailand and we - my wife Dao and I -  were excited to come on our first visit.

We arrived yesterday by car driving from Phuket, which is the closest airport. I had set the gps on the resort, and it took me to the pier in Ban Nam Kem from where the little car ferry took us over to the island.

Finding Oriental Beach Village with a GPS - I use Google Maps - is amazingly simple. The island had good asphalt roads and they go almost to the main gate. The last stretch is a sand road.

I opened the bid iron gate myself. The street inside with white villas left and right is wide and looked like in the resort photos.

We found Paulo - the owner - down by the restaurant in front of the beach. We also found two members, that we knew already, but didn't know would also be here.

In the evening, we went to enjoy the sunset. Truly an amazing image. Awe inspiring as you stand there as a little animal on the brink of the huge ocean, knowing that if you could go straight out there it would be thousands and thousands of kilometers and there would be nothing but water until you reached the eastern shores of India. Unless you happen to stumble on the Maldives before you are half way there. So much water.

We took some photos in the sunset. One of the other naturists took a shot of me and Dao when we sat down as we thought it was too dark for taking any more photos. His lens was more sensitive and his image us us gives you an impression of the beauty of the sunset.

I also took a few for fun 🙂 replicating our logo. I don't  know why, but it looks like our logo is a slimmer and younger me.

Afterwards we went back up to the restaurant and had dinner and a good chat with Paulo, among others about the upcoming Opening Party in the weekend 25 October - 27 October.

Eventually we went back to our incredibly spacious shared villa. The living room downstairs is large and with comfortable furniture, but we went up the stairs and into our private rooms behind door A. Here you have not only your own bedroom, but also your own bathroom with a double bathtub and and outdoor shower with hot water.

This morning, I got up at five o'clock.  It was still dark. The sunrise is 6.30 at this time of the year. I went down to the beach and started walking in the light of the new moon and the stars to the south. After half an hour, I saw somebody using flashlights in the waterfront down the shore ahead of me. I continued walking to see what they were doing. I was quite close when they noticed me and greeted me. I greeted them back and asked what they were catching. They waved me closer and showed me their catch. Giant shrimps. Too big to fit on my stretched out hand. They had caught them in a net and was cleaning the catch. Fish was thrown back out and as they were live it felt good to see them rush away in the shallow surf. The shrimps were put in a white plastic basket to go to the market. After a while they got their catch and net packed up and got on their motorbike and drove off along the coast. If I had brought a towel, I would have put it on, but since I didn't think I would meet any, I just brought myself. They did not ask why I was naked and so I didn't have to explain. They explained about their catch, that it was a good morning catch. Sometimes there would be fewer shrimps.

I continued my walk and after a while started walking back. The sky was turning red behind the line of pine trees that grows along the coast. When I got back to the resort, I noticed that a bit further up the coast, some other fisherman were still active. I went up to them and they were using a different technique. They had to poles that in the end were shaped like hokey sticks. The band they push along on the bottom and between the two sticks they had fixed a net, so what ever they scooped up between the sticks would end up in the net. Once in a while they would lift the sticks out of the water to see if there was anything in the net. They were too far into the water so we didn't talk. One of them remarked to his buddy that I was naked and I wasn't sure if they approved or were uncomfortable with it, so I walked back to the Oriental Beach Village.

When I came back, the sun was up and the kitchen staff were feeding the beach dogs - three dogs who seem to have adopted the resort as their home. They asked me if I wanted breakfast but it was not yet time, so I just mixed myself a cup of coffee and let them go on with their morning routine. Part of the morning routine was also for the gardener to sweep the sand for pine tree needles so the sand was soft and pristine for the guests to walk out on the beach.

Here is a view from my Breakfast table.

View at Oriental Beach Village Koh Ko Khao

How does the view from your Breakfast table look?

There is about 40 meter from the resort across the clean sand to the shallow surf. There is amazingly little trash considering nobody is cleaning the beach apart from the stretch immediately in front of the resort. I wish all the beaches inside the gulf of Siam would be like this. I am sure they were once, but today the pollution is beyond reversal. We would have to install Wall-e robots along the coast for a hundred years before it would come back to a state like you find it here at Oriental Beach.



  1. Hans

    Thanks for this info. Looks like we made the right choice by booking a holiday in this resort at end of this year.
    Exited to go there!
    We will share our experience too.
    Regards. Hans & Lisa