Unique mix of naturists and nude drawing artists

A unique mix of Thai and international life drawing artists and naturists met on 28 June for an afternoon of fun and art production at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok. The event was organized by Kristin Plumlee from Naturist Association Thailand and Artist Benjawan Wisitsorakrai, www.the-art-ish.com who earlier this spring had set up the first ever gathering of naturists and artists in this way, not just in Thailand but in all of Asia - likewise at the Barefeet Naturist Resort.

The concept is a win-win for both the naturists and the artists. The naturists came to enjoy an afternoon of amateur modeling and chatting with the artists. The artists seldom have the option of drawing groups of life models - and if they dared, they could experiment with drawing nude models while being nude themselves, too.

The artists seldom have the chance to draw such an array of people with such varied body types and backgrounds, and even more seldom get the chance to draw them in the natural light of sun. One of the artists, Chawan Chumpasan, who owns the Viridian Academy of Art, noticed how the atmosphere made him use more vivid colours than he usually does when drawing hired nude models - "almost van Gogh"-style as he expressed it.

Since both the naturists and the artists enjoyed the event, it is planned to repeat it with regularly intervals and also at some of the other naturist resorts in Thailand. Next opportunity for members to participate in this activity is on Saturday 18 July at Phuan Naturist Village in the countryside outside Pattaya.

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  1. An absolutely formidable initiative, which goes beyond art itself and can even be categorized as anthropological.
    Big congratulations to all with special mention for Kristin Plumlee.
    We do hope to be able to participate one day, as soon as the Covid-19 allows it.
    Nui and Phil