TV Channel True4U interview

Pornographic images of a group of young Thai men showing themselves in erotic positions out door and posted on a Facebook account made news in early June 2018.

Thai TV channel True4U invited Gregers Moller of Naturist Association Thailand in the studio to explain to TV Presenter Wasamon Chuangpreecha if this was naturism and - if not - what naturism then was.

In the program, Thai lawyer Mr Decha Kitivitayana confirms, that the activity of Naturist Association Thailand as described in the interview is legal, while the activity of the young men is clearly not and punishable under Thai law with a fine of 5000 THB each.


The interview was preceded by a news reporting on the social media posting and the local reactions where the young men had taken their photos:

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  1. Hi Greg @gregers ,
    Well done on the interview. These photos only tarnish what naturism stand for.
    I tried to catch what you were saying (without subtitles lol) .You did well in clearly showing the difference between naturism and “outdoor sex” as they called it. Having Mr Decha confirm the “legal” aspects was a good add to the session. Again, Thank You and Well Done !

  2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. In short, a group of Thai young men had taken some pornographic images of themselves in various sexual positions and posted them on Facebook, albeit somewhat blurred. The location, however, was recognizable and when the images started going viral, the locals got upset about it. The TV station wanted to ask me, if these young men were our members, and if I thought they should be allowed to do this in the (public) nature. They also drew a line back to a similar controversy involving our resort member Non, who was singled out as a target in a campaign about a year ago for his photos with his wife and their daughter on the beach. It was my job to explain the difference with the nudity expressed by Non and his family and the nudity expressed by the Thai young men. Luckily it was easy to see the sexual nature of the photos of men and the family naturism nature of Non’s photos.

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

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