Sawadee Khrap, from the neighbor in Indonesia !

Hello, all !

As likely most of us have to stay home during this difficult time, perhaps I could try to share a bit about our small nudist group here in greater Jakarta and its latest activity, just to enrich your knowledge and if you happen to visit greater Jakarta, give us a shout !

The group itself was loosely formed about 3 years ago. About 6 persons (4 man 2 woman) could be considered as the initial members. To date, we are a group of 15 with 2/3 are men. The objective obviously is to be able to connect and socialize among fellow nudist in a conducive environment to practice nudism as much as we can in this country.

Now, being in a religious/conservative-inclined country, the group unfortunately has to operate in a low-profile/stealth mode, avoiding spotlights where and whenever possible. Consequently, the type and frequency of group activities have been limited. Nonetheless, we make best of what’s available! The activities that group has done so far are gathering in a confined spaces such as rented house or condo, gathering in hot spring resorts and drive nude around greater Jakarta. Though the latter has been done often in smaller group (max 4).

The last gathering we had was in early February. It was also our 1st in year 2020. Attended by 8 persons (equally split gender wise), there were 3 new members (our seasoned nudist bro Krisna (@krismun), and the other 2 was a married couple still new to nudism). The venue itself was a private rented condo in Jakarta. I happened to arrive first in the afternoon, followed soon by 2 other members and the new couple. The regular members proceeded stripping naked and getting comfy with the area, while the new couple opted to observe first. No problem. Luckily, our female member manage to guide and make the wife comfortable so in about 30 minutes they both can claim they are nudist 😊. Awaiting the rest of member to arrive, we were chit chatting and playing domino (favourite group's game).

This gathering was rather special also since the wife happened to have her birthday a day before and the husband had asked us to help arrange a surprise for her. By about 8pm all of us was there and the surprise party was on ! 😊

Suffice to say, the gathering was a success though ideally we wish all our members could attend.

when the pandemic ends, we shall get together again.


        1. alex Post author

          sure, Yoichi-san. just give us a shout when you plan to visit Jakarta next time. Till then #staysafe #stayhealthy #stayhappy #staynude

  1. alex Post author

    Hi Nas, thanks for the comment. sure can lar 🙂 just let me know in advance if you plan to visit Jakarta.

  2. Weera

    hi Alex,
    today I knew about this. I am very happy to know as I visit mostly your country. next time when I come I let you know. Mr. Krisan is a very good friend of mine. I have met him in Jakarta. He helped me. (just to idnetifi me).

  3. Sean

    Hi Alex,
    I just joined having come across your posts. I live in jakarta with my wife and would like to join your Group. I am experienecd naturist especially in Europe but my wife is new to the activity and we would like to meet and spend time with like mined individuals

    1. alex Post author

      Hi Sean, sure we’re happy to have you both in our group here. Let’s follow it up. Just given you contact numbers in your inbox.