No Bra!! Bla.. bla.. bla..

"No Bra!!"

Just hearing these words makes our ears pop up. The first image that comes into the mind of most people is one of a sexy young woman in a see-through dress without a bra posted online to make men interested in having sex with her, am I right?

That is what most people think. But in reality it may not be like that at all. There are lots of women in the world who do not think that stop wearing a bra is something you do to attract someone to have sex with. It is just that they don’t see the importance of wearing underwear. That’s all. And for sure I am one of them.

When I was a teenager I was like other girls my age who followed what our grown-ups taught us that the breast and our pussy is something we must keep as a deep secret and not allow anybody to see. So they gave us clothes that would hide it. We were told to be ashamed of our private body parts even in reality it wasn’t something we felt ourselves. But we were ashamed because others told us to be.

As I grew up I got to learn more about real life. I grew up wearing a lot of different style of bras which the manufacturers told me had different advantages. I was a victim of their marketing. I believed in the advertisement messages that a bra was something of high importance to women. They would use messages such as “wearing this special bra model will help you avoid getting breast cancer”, or “wearing a bra with steel girdles will help support your breast and not let it sink down”, and “wearing a bra with foam insertion will make your breast look more attractive”, and even “this model is light and comfortable like not wearing any bra at all!”

But … wait a minute .. if it feels like not wearing a bra at all, why should we spend a lot of money on buying it at all?

Why don’t we let the breast free, wouldn’t that really be the best?

I believe that every woman have at one point felt the discomfort of wearing a bra. Still every morning we wake up as as one of the first things put on this piece with its elastics and straps and then we put one or two more pieces of clothes on top of this before we go to work. From 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening or longer we wear this piece of clothes which is uncomfortable to us.

For many hours every day I have to endure this uncomfortable this that ties me up all day. The sweat flowing down the cleavage gives a sticky discomfort. This bra makes me feel like in a bondage.

Girls, remember the feeling of relaxation the moment we get out of the body armour of the bra immediately when we return to our home, right? That happy moment that is so easy to obtain. Why don’t we select something more comfortable to wear all day? Why not choose something more simple and comfortable than that? Why pay lots of money to buy ourselves suffering? Why do this blah, blah, blah?

There may be some people who wear a bra, believing it is a wonderful thing that will show your beautiful proportions. But it’s not true !!! Nature has created something beautiful and ideal for us since then. Everyone looks beautiful in their own skin.

Nobody looks similar even twins are not 100 percent similar. So be happy with what you have which is pretty and something to feel pride in for yourself.

Our beautiful naked body is a masterpiece of nature. So no need to put all those different kinds of bra on your breast which all the manufacturers try to make you wear. Why should we be their robot?


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