NidNoi’s Naked Chats


สิ่งนี้มีอยู่ด้วยหรือ - I never saw this before

NidNoy talks to a naturist woman upon her second visit to Phuan Naturist Village. At her first visit she still felt a bit uneasy being naked. But second time around she started feeling comfortable and not worrying about what others might think when seeing her naked. READ THE ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT HERE!

ฉันเปลือยกายหลายๆปีมาแล้ว - I was a home nudist for a long time..

NidNoy talks to a naturist woman visiting Barefeet Naturist Resort. She enjoyed being naked at home long before she found out there was a Naturist Association Thailand. One day she heard about it and she came along and it was like coming home. Voice distortion is on purpose as this women does not want to be recognized.